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Difference Between Traditional and Green Cleaning Products

A truly green company understands that, in order to really be defined as that, it's important that all aspects of the business are environmentally-friendly, like the cleaning. London is full of...

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Why to Hire Green Cleaning Services?

Did you know that most of the cleaning products used by different office cleaning companies are made up of harsh cocktails of chemicals that can have an adverse effect on you and your employees?

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Green Cleaning: What You Need To Know

The locally graded disinfectants and sprays used for the purpose of quick fixing the cleaning issues in the office can bring a lot of harm for the employees. It is imperative for all the businesses...

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Taking cleaning back to school

Here at Green FM, one of our specialist offerings is the cleaning of education facilities, such as schools colleges and universities. Our experts don’t need educating on the subject of cleaning –...

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Trends in the commercial sector for green cleaning.

One of the most popular phrases heard in the commercial sector these days is ‘green cleaning.’ Consisting of ecologically conscious cleaning methods and products, green cleaning is intended to...

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