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        Posts about green cleaning

        Why Is Infection Control Important In The Workplace?

        Workplaces can be natural breeding grounds for germs and the spread of infection. 

        You have a...

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        Deep Cleaning Your Office During Flu Season

        Flu season's upon us. Even if you've had your flu shot and are meticulously sanitising your hands...

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        Eco-Friendly Office Cleaning: 7 Reasons Why Going Green Is Best

        Concerns about global warming and environmental health risks have given rise to a new era of...

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        Eco Friendly Cleaning vs Traditional Cleaning

        When it comes to cleaning, and people hear "Green Cleaning" they believe it doesn’t clean or an...

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        Commercial Cleaning - 9 Reasons Why This Must Always Be Outsourced

        If you are a Facilities Manager, chances are you have more to do than hours in the day. Between...

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        The Psychology Behind a Clean Workspace

        A clean workplace is one of the most important factors in office productivity. Not only does it...

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        We Love Recycling (And You Should, Too)

        Studies show that each person generates about 1 kg of garbage daily and this number is expected to...

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        Difference Between Traditional and Green Cleaning Products

        A truly green company understands that, in order to really be defined as that, it's important that...

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