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Taking cleaning back to school

taking cleaning back school

Here at Green FM, one of our specialist offerings is the cleaning of education facilities, such as schools colleges and universities. Our experts don’t need educating on the subject of cleaning – they have already passed their exams with flying colours! But, there are a few reasons why keeping schools and other institutions looking clean.

First impressions really count when it comes to attracting people through the doors and having a clean, healthy environment will have a huge effect on your potential customers. It also makes it look more professional and it is likely that parents and students will form an opinion on the facility based on its appearance and cleanliness.

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What’s more, your institution could stand out for using greener cleaning techniques. Here at Green FM, most of the products we use in schools are chemical-free because there is a risk that children may be absorbing the chemicals in the air around them. Whilst this is not harmful, or dangerous, we take our cleaning responsibilities very seriously, so anything we can do to reduce that risk, we take in to consideration.

Green FM has partnered with Oleonix, a company which specialises in offering sustainable, eco-safe cleaning systems. We choose these for our education facilities because they are non-toxic, people safe, food safe and plenty more besides – so there is next to no risk for anyone, adults or children.

An added bonus to these products is that they save time, because the effective blend of active ingredients seek to penetrate through surface tensions, breaking the bonds holding the dirt to the surface. The released dirt is then easily removed by flushing, rinsing or suction – so it also reduces the amount of water needed whilst still effectively cleaning the surface.

There is also a new technology which offers natural cleaning without chemicals. This is Green World Innovations, which uses one single cleaner that can be universally applied to every job. There is no carcinogens or harmful chemicals and it is able to clean fast and much more efficiently – so it saves money, improves efficiency and is kind to the environment.

For our customers at Green, using products such as these are a major benefit, because we can offer them a more cost-effective service and a more environmentally friendly service. We can save water, use less harsh chemicals and the amount of time our staff are needed on-site is reduced.

So, if you are considering an alternative to cleaning your education facilities why not give us a call to see how we can help?

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