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Start your office recycling programme

 When it comes to office cleaning, London based facilities managers can fall into the trap of focussing on how clean an office is only once the cleaning operatives have finished their work. Although...

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Why you Should Choose a Green Cleaning Contractor?

Cleaning contractors are increasingly engaged with the demands of their 'green' customers to provide ever more environmentally friendly services. Although many are slowly moving with the times and...

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Green Facilities Office Cleaning Tips

The benefits of a clean office extend far beyond the sense of well-being given by a well-organised, clutter-free working environment: increased productivity and higher levels of staff engagement...

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School Cleaning Service: Environmentally Friendly Methods

Here at Green FM, one of our specialist offerings is the cleaning of education facilities, such as schools colleges and universities. Our experts don’t need educating on the subject of cleaning –...

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Retail Cleaning Company: Maintaining the Appearance of your Store

Are you searching for the best retail store cleaning company in London? Get Your Free Quote at the end of the Article!

A good first impression is what most of the retail store owners are striving for...

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How to Keep your Gym Equipment Clean

If there is one place where germs can be found by the bucket load, it’s in the gym! People visit the gym to sweat it out, along with that they are exposed to germs already left from others sweating...

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Keeping Your Office Clean During The Winter

Winter presents unique challenges to keep your business clean and dry.  Rain, sleet, snow and ice can cause problems with wet floors, while sand and salt used to melt ice can make the floor sandy....

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Office Washrooms | Paper Towel Versus Hand Dryer: Which Is Better?

I was recently asked by my one of our client if they should go for hand dryers or paper towels in their office washrooms hence this article.

This is an age-old argument and there are plenty of...

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How to Live 8 Hours a Day, 40 Hours a Week?

I have been looking for a book that I can use as reference and recommend to some of my work colleagues on How can we make the best use of our time? How can we make best use of our lives?

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The Benefits of Mindfulness and Its Importance to Cleaning

Do you think you can find a way to make daily chores like office cleaning, filing, etc. less of a chore and more of a joyful practice?

Sure, on the surface that sentiment sounds silly. How can...

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