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        Infographic: How a Clean Office Can Boost Productivity

        Most people don’t like to clean, but the truth is that a clean office has to be maintained. If you don’t have a cleaning service utilised at your office, it’s easy to underestimate how they can be of benefits to your company. Check out the following infographic on how keeping your office clean can boost productivity.

        With the average employee losing nine working days a year due to illness, absenteeism is a critical issue in many companies. While innocuous accidents can happen at home or while out and about, it’s likely that plenty of sick days can be attributed to illnesses or injuries that were picked up at work. Common office equipment such as computer keyboards can easily lure harmful substances, with a keyboard believed to hold up to 7,500 bacteria at any given time.

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        The links between a clean working environment and a productive one are numerous and quite logical. The absence of bacteria will automatically reduce the likelihood of taking ill in the workplace, hence cutting down on absenteeism, while staff will intrinsically be more motivated to do their best work if coming into a healthy, clean office than one which is reminiscent of a bomb site. Also, numerous hours are spent every year looking for documents that, if filed properly, would be located instantly. Employers do not need their staff to squander time searching for papers that ought to be easily obtainable.

        A clean workplace can help to lift morale and boost the motivation of your staff. A clean, well-ordered working environment not only improves your company's image but also makes it easier for workers to be organised and efficient.

        This infographic explains how keeping your workplace clean will reap its rewards in the form of greater productivity.

        how a clean office can boost productivity infographic

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