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        Why Choose Professional Steam Cleaning Services in Your Business

         Discover the advantages of steam cleaning services and how to choose the right commercial carpet cleaning service for your office  

        We all know that first impressions count. 

        So, it goes without saying that presenting a clean and organised office gives you the best chance of leaving a first and lasting impression on your clients and visitors.


        But have you ever wondered about the hidden corners that are often overlooked? 

        Workspaces, kitchens, and washrooms are often teeming with unseen germs and act as a breeding ground for mould, microorganisms, and bacteria. Left unchecked, this can lead to employees, visitors, or clients picking up germs or viruses, resulting in increased sick days and decreased productivity. 

        Nobody wants that! That’s why a regularly implemented cleaning regime with the correct methods can help prevent infection and maintain a healthy and productive work environment

        Yet, what method of cleaning is right for your business?

        Traditional cleaning methods may seem sufficient, but they often leave behind strong odours and a potential trail of harmful residues. Yet, eco-friendly alternatives such as steam cleaning services can offer an effective, deep cleaning solution with less dependency on potentially damaging chemicals.

        From office rooms, carpets, and upholstery furniture to HVAC systems, bathrooms, and kitchens - commercial steam cleaning services dive into the nooks and crannies often missed by regular cleaning. 

        Join us to explore the benefits of deep steam cleaning services and why it's an efficient, sustainable, and eco-friendly choice for office cleaning.


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        Is steam cleaning better than traditional cleaning in the office? 

        Traditional cleaning in offices is a tried, tested, and trusted method. 

        It's cost-effective, familiar, and cleans and removes visible dirt quickly; cleaning supplies are easily accessible and can be undertaken by staff without hiring commercial deep cleaning services. 

        However, this approach has its shortcomings. 

        Without adequate training, somebody may use inappropriate cleaning products. This can cause chemical residue to be left behind, posing potential health risks to employees and causing clean areas to become contaminated if not completely dry. It also typically fails to effectively sanitise upholstery and carpets, which is a key breeding ground for dust mites and bacteria.

        On the other side, steam cleaning services are emerging as a recommended method for offices. It powerfully cleans, penetrates hidden corners and furnishings, and is eco-friendly. Using high-temperature steam to dislodge dirt, kill bacteria, and even tackle the hard-to-reach areas of upholstery and carpets.

        Yet, neither method is flawless. The best approach? A strategic combination of both. 

        Traditional cleaning holds its ground quickly, handling visible dirt and common areas while incorporating steam cleaning services that target deep sanitation and thorough cleaning effort of areas traditional cleaning cannot reach effectively.


        GET YOUR GUIDE:  Standard Precautions for Infection Control 


        Benefits of adopting steam cleaning for offices

        Perfect for every area of the office 

        Steam cleaning only uses water and is safe on nearly every surface. In addition to floors and carpets, you can clean hard surfaces such as desks, kitchen counters, floors, chair seats, curtains, and carpets. 

        The steam quickly penetrates deep into the surface and eliminates most bacteria and germs without harming the surface materials.

        Environmentally safe 

        Alongside health & safety, reducing carbon footprints and being environmentally friendly are at the forefront of most businesses. 

        Steam cleaning services are regarded as one of the safest and most eco-friendly cleaning methods, as you require only water. Without the need for cleaning products or chemicals, you also help the environment.

        It helps reduce sick days

        The Guardian reports that the average UK worker takes about 4 sick days a year. That's a lot of lost time for a business. 

        Many people attribute their sicknesses to sick co-workers and dirty work surfaces. Regular office cleaning teamed with steam cleaning services will mitigate this issue significantly. 

        It can increase worker productivity

        Not only can a cleaner office keep staff healthier, but it can also help them become more motivated, focused, and productive. 

        A study in the Harvard Business Review in 2015 found that people working in a clean and tidy environment were more persistent in finishing their tasks. 

        It’s cost-effective for the company

        Investing in steam cleaning services can be heavy at first but economical in the long run. It enhances employee productivity through a healthier workspace, minimises downtime from sick leave, and eliminates the need for costly and sometimes ineffective chemical cleaning products.


        Steam cleaning is a sustainable, efficient, and eco-friendly cleaning solution for offices

        When compared with traditional techniques, steam cleaning unfolds as a superior, more eco-friendly alternative for office cleanliness. 

        Without chemical detergents or cleaning agents, steam cleaning services efficiently sanitises surfaces, eliminating germs and bacteria, and are particularly effective in extracting dirt, stains, grime, and dust mites from fibrous materials like carpets or upholstery. Further authenticating its ecological benefits.

        However, like all things, steam cleaning services possess a few disadvantages:

        • Inapplicable for some surfaces: Steam cleaning is not suited for every surface or material. High-temperature steam may damage heat-sensitive items like wallpaper, walls finished with water-based paint, or delicate fabrics. Floorings such as unsealed hardwood, laminate flooring, and marble floors must be handled with care when using a steam cleaning service.
        • Unsuitable for heavy grease removal: Although steam cleaning can effectively tackle common dirt and stubborn stains, it may struggle to eliminate excessive grease or oil build-up. In such cases, combining traditional cleaning methods with commercial steam cleaning services may be necessary.
        • Time-consuming process: Steam cleaning can take longer than traditional cleaning methods, as it requires proper heating and preparation, as well as drying time for treated surfaces. If steam is used for cleaning carpets, you may have to wait up to 24 hours for it to be completely dry. For high-traffic areas that need to be used immediately after cleaning, scheduled times or dry cleaning may be more suitable.
        • Steam cleaning may come at a higher price: The upfront investment for professional-grade steam cleaners can be significantly higher than the cost of basic cleaning tools and equipment required for traditional cleaning. For economical value and to remove the risk of improper handling and ensure safety, hiring professional steam cleaning services is recommended.

        The differences between carpet cleaning and steam cleaning

        The terms "carpet cleaning" and "steam cleaning" may be used interchangeably, but there are some key differences between the two. 

        Carpet cleaning is the process of removing dirt, dust, stains, germs, bacteria, allergens, and other substances from carpets. The most common carpet cleaning methods are dry cleaning and shampooing: 

        • Carpet dry cleaning also uses water or moisture, but the amount is much less compared to steam cleaning. In dry cleaning, chemicals are applied to the carpet to dislodge or break down the dirt, stains, or other particles attached to the carpet’s fibers. The cleaning agents are scrubbed into the carpet, and then the dirt is extracted using a vacuum. 
        • Carpet shampooing involves using a foamy chemical solution to clean carpets. The foam is scrubbed into the carpet with a carpet shampooer. Afterward, the carpet is left to dry, and then a vacuum cleaner is used to extract any remaining residue. 

        However, you’re also able to clean carpets using steam cleaning:

        • Steam cleaning is a deep cleaning method that uses steam pressure from heated water to dislodge dirt and stains from carpets. The high temperature of the steam can kill bacteria, germs, and allergens. There is no need to use harsh chemicals, cleaning agents, or detergents. 


        Is steam cleaning for cleaning carpets better than dry cleaning and shampooing? 

        Steam cleaning uses high-temperature steam to clean and sanitise carpets without chemical use, taking 24 to 48 hours to dry. 

        The method shines in its simplicity and eco-friendliness, but compared to dry cleaning or shampooing, it struggles with deep stains in dense carpets.

        Here, detergent-based methods like dry cleaning or shampooing fare better, bringing embedded dirt to the surface for easier removal. Though shampooing might leave some residue and require a longer drying period, overall, it is more effective against stubborn stains.

        Yet, keep in mind that steam-cleaned carpets stay clean longer as no residue is left that might attract dirt. Also, for delicate fabrics, consider gentle dry cleaning or shampooing to avoid potential damage.

        So, steam cleaning versus dry cleaning or shampooing? It fundamentally depends on your carpet's material and condition. Steam cleaning excels in everyday maintenance, while dry cleaning or shampooing targets tough stains and ensures care for delicate materials.


        How to find a commercial cleaning agency that offers steam cleaning services for your office? 

        It’s important to choose the right commercial cleaning company that provides steam cleaning services. 

        There are some key points to consider when searching for a professional steam cleaning service provider. 

        • Understand that not all commercial cleaning providers offer steam cleaning services for offices. 
        • Companies with certifications and accreditations such as ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 demonstrate excellence in customer services and eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Ask your potential cleaning company if they have these certificates. 
        • Ensure that any commercial cleaning company you choose complies with health and safety regulations, adheres to employment laws, and provides insurance coverage for you and the company's protection.
        • Not all offices have the same cleaning requirements and budgets. Look for a commercial steam cleaning service that can customise cleaning packages to meet your needs and budget. 
        • And finally, ask for references from previous customers and check online reviews.


        Get professional steam cleaning services with Green Facilities

        Green Facilities is an ISO-certified commercial cleaning company that specialises in commercial deep cleaning services, steam cleaning and eco-friendly carpet cleaning.  

        We believe that everyone deserves to work in a clean and healthy environment without damaging the environment. 

        To help change the perception that eco-friendly cleaning services are expensive and unaffordable, we ensure our services are competitively priced and provide flexible contracts designed to meet your unique needs.

        Still can't decide whether steam cleaning is the right choice for your business?

        Take advantage of our free cleaning assessment so that you can understand the benefits of steam cleaning for your workplace.

        Contact us for a quote. 


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