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        How To Efficiently & Safely Clean Commercial Carpet

        Carpets are crucial in creating a welcoming and professional atmosphere in commercial spaces. 

        They help to absorb noise, provide more comfort than hard floors, and can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your premises. 


        Keeping commercial carpets clean can be quite challenging, especially for businesses with high foot traffic, which can cause rapid accumulation of dirt. Regular carpet cleaning ensures that your commercial space consistently looks its best. 

        Proper maintenance can also extend the life of your carpet, saving you money in the long run. Clean carpets also contribute to a healthier environment by reducing allergens and dust mites. 

        In this article, we’re going to talk through the key steps businesses need to take to clean their commercial carpets effectively. We’ll also talk about when to get professional carpet cleaning services:


        Preparing for carpet cleaning

        Before starting the cleaning process, it's important to assess the carpet and determine the type of cleaning needed. 

        Different types of carpets have different cleaning requirements. 

        Carpets made from natural fibres need gentler cleaning methods compared to carpets made from synthetic fibres. Some carpets may have specific manufacturer's cleaning instructions you should follow to maintain the warranty. 

        The amount of dirt can also influence the choice of cleaning approach. Heavily soiled carpets need a more intensive cleaning approach - or even professional carpet cleaners.

        Once you’ve done your assessment, the next step is to prepare the area for cleaning. 

        Move any furniture and obstacles to ensure full access to the carpet. Vacuuming the carpet before cleaning can also help remove as much loose dirt, dust, and debris as possible.

        This step helps prevent dirt from spreading or becoming more deeply embedded during the cleaning process. With the carpet prepared, let’s explore the possible cleaning methods. 


        How to clean carpet: choosing the right approach 

        There are multiple approaches to cleaning your commercial carpets, such as:

        Dry carpet cleaning

        Dry carpet cleaning uses special cleaning powders that stick to dirt particles. The powder is applied to the carpet using a machine, attaches to the dirt, and is then hoovered away along with the dirt.

        Dry carpet cleaning can be a great option because of its short drying time. This makes it good for quick 'off-peak' cleaning of high-traffic areas. It also makes it ideal for maintenance cleaning between more thorough cleans, be it in retail cleaning or office cleaning services. 

        It's also a good choice for carpets that don't do well with moisture, like those made from natural fibres. 

        However, dry carpet cleaning might not be as effective for very dirty carpets, as it may not get deep into the fibres to remove ground-in dirt and stains.


        Shampooing and extraction

        Shampooing and extraction involve applying a mixture of hot water and cleaning solution to the carpet and then agitating it to loosen the dirt. Once the dirt is loosened, commercial carpet cleaning machines are used to extract the dirt and excess water.

        This method is considered the best for deep cleaning very dirty commercial carpets. It's good at removing deeply ingrained dirt, stains, and allergens, leaving the carpet clean and fresh. 

        However, it's important to let the carpet dry completely before walking on it to prevent it from getting dirty again or being damaged. This might not make it suitable for cleaning carpets with high levels of regular foot traffic.


        Steam cleaning

        Steam cleaning is another effective method for deep cleaning commercial carpet material. It uses a machine that heats water to a high temperature, creating steam. The hot steam is applied to the carpet and helps loosen and dissolve dirt and stains.

        Steam cleaning is particularly good at removing allergens and bacteria. But just like shampooing, steam cleaning also needs enough drying time before walking on the carpet to prevent it from getting dirty again too quickly.


        Cleaning commercial carpets safely

        At Green FM, we strongly advocate for eco-friendly carpet cleaning products, as they are kinder to the environment. We recommend using green cleaning products wherever possible and avoiding harsh carpet cleaners. Using eco-friendly products is better for the environment and guests or employees who might be sensitive to certain chemicals. 

        It's also vital to have proper ventilation when cleaning carpets, especially if you use stronger chemical cleaning products. Good ventilation helps reduce the risk of inhaling harmful fumes and prevents respiratory irritation.  

        It’s crucial to wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when cleaning carpets. This may include gloves, eye protection, and protective overalls when handling certain cleaning products.

        Every business should have clear risk assessments for each cleaning task - including carpet cleaning. There should also be COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) assessments for every cleaning product used. Following these guidelines when cleaning carpets ensures the safety of everyone involved in the cleaning process.


        Take ongoing care of your commercial carpets

        While regular carpet cleaning is essential, businesses can take other steps to protect their carpets and keep them looking better for longer. 

        By implementing preventative measures, businesses can reduce the need for frequent carpet cleaning and extend the life of their carpets.

        Regular vacuuming can help remove loose dirt before it gets ground into the carpet fibres, making it easier to keep the carpets clean in the long run. You can also try rinsing out spills as soon as they happen to reduce the risk of staining. 

        High-quality entrance mats can also help prevent dirt from entering the building. They should be placed at all entrances to protect carpets. 


        Know when to call a commercial carpet cleaning company

        We hope the tips in this article have been useful for you in venturing to attempt carpet cleaning.

        Yet, the carpet cleaning process is often more complex than many businesses might think. This is why it's often best left to the experts if you want it completed safely and efficiently.

        Professional cleaning companies are usually called to deal with heavily soiled carpets or stubborn stains that businesses can't shift themselves. 

        But, it’s important to avoid the common mistakes when choosing a commercial cleaning company and select one that knows how to clean carpet material. 

        Experienced cleaning companies like Green FM will already have completed all the necessary risk assessments and COSHH assessments, which can ease the administrative burden on businesses. 

        You can get in touch with Green FM today if you want professional support for their commercial carpet cleaning.

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