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        7 Things To Consider When Hiring Commercial Cleaning Services



        Maintaining a clean and hygienic commercial space is not just about keeping up appearances – it's like mood therapy for anyone who walks in! Employees suddenly find their work desks a little less daunting, and clients might just start singing your praises instead of the usual elevator music.

        Plus, let's not forget that in a post-COVID world, an unsanitary workplace is about as popular as a sneeze in a crowded elevator. Remember, cleanliness is next to godliness, and it’s also a pretty good business strategy.

        However, managing commercial cleaning internally can be more complex than businesses anticipate. There are issues, like conducting a COSHH risk assessment, on top of the typical human resource management involved. 

        This is why outsourcing cleaning to a commercial cleaning partner is the most viable solution for many businesses. Not all cleaning companies offer the same level of service and quality. Cutting corners when hiring a commercial cleaning company can put your employees' health and safety and the environment at risk. 

        In this article, we will look at seven things to consider when searching for commercial cleaning services to help you make the best decision for your business.


        1. Tailored cleaning services needs assessment

        Businesses should be wary of any cleaning company that provides a quote or service proposal without first visiting their premises to understand their cleaning needs. 

        It’s crucial to fully understand your business space's intricacies, cleaning requirements, and security measures in place. The commercial cleaners should also determine when cleaning can be completed to avoid disrupting your business. 

        By auditing your current cleaning services and completing a thorough cleaning needs assessment, you’re sure that you’ll receive a perfectly tailored service. Cleaning companies that always have ready plans may seem knowledgeable, but their approach may leave some areas unclean.

        Unsurprisingly, reputable companies like Green FM prefer to inspect the space first and then talk to those who run or use it. By the time cleaning starts, everyone is on the same page. 


        2. Certifications and accreditations

        Businesses should look for certain accreditations and certifications when choosing a cleaning partner. Here are some certifications, accreditations, and memberships worth noting:

        • ISO 9001 (Quality Management) – This certification proves our ability to consistently provide cleaning services that satisfy clients and meet all applicable regulatory standards. 
        • ISO 14001 (Environmental Policies)—We have been certified as a cleaning company with adequate measures for reducing our business's adverse effects on the environment. 
          • ISO 45001 (Health and Safety Management) – This certification affirms our unrelenting focus on minimising factors that threaten our employees’ health and safety while working.
          • BICSc (British Institute of Cleaning Science) – We are proud to be part of the largest independent, professional, and educational body in Britain’s cleaning industry. This signifies our respect for accredited training to raise professional standards and awareness.
          • IWFM (Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management) – Our induction into this global association highlights our dedication to workplace recognition and employee advancement. We pursue these objectives by improving professional standards and access to training, and sharing best practices to simplify the upskilling journey. 
          • ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association) - Our inclusion in this worldwide trade association shows our devotion to improving human health and environmental sustainability through cleaning while maintaining profitability. 
        • SOCOTEC – We have been certified by the UK’s leading provider of testing, inspection, and compliance services. This indicates our commitment to using risk management as a tool to improve business performance when offering commercial cleaning services. 

        Green FM holds all these certifications and memberships, illustrating our dedication to delivering the highest quality cleaning, environmental responsibility, and workplace safety. 


        3. Sustainable cleaning practices

        Consumers and businesses are prioritising environmental responsibility more. A poor sustainability record can tarnish a business’s reputation and drive away environmentally conscious customers.

        Businesses should look for cleaning partners that use eco-cleaning products and are committed to waste reduction and energy conservation practices. Green cleaning products don't contain harsh chemicals and cause less harm to the environment and employees' health and wellness.

        At Green FM, we are pioneers in eco-friendly and ethical cleaning. We work to:

        • Reduce cleaning-related chemical residue
        • Simplify waste disposal
        • Reduce chemical-related injuries
        • Improve indoor air quality
        • Reduce the spread of germs

        Learn more about our major office cleaning objectives here


        4. Investment and protection of employees

        It is vital to select a cleaning company that invests in and protects its employees. This includes their protective gear and the volume of work they do in a given period. Using eco-friendly cleaning products for business also protects employees. 

        The chosen cleaning company should also prioritise health and safety management systems and train its employees on the latest industry practices.

        A good commercial cleaning company should also focus on employment compliance and encourage inclusivity in the workplace. It should also have a modern slavery policy, which starts with eliminating exploitative practices within the company. 

        It also extends to cutting ties with partners that exploit workers or lack proper measures to detect and stop exploitative patterns. 

        A good office cleaning company should also pay workers a living wage. We’ve worked to make Green FM a living wage employer, as affirmed by the Living Wage Foundation database. Such efforts ensure that capable and motivated cleaners always serve your business smoothly.


        5. The use of innovative products and technology

        Although effective cleaning and disinfection principles remain the same, the available technologies for achieving the best quality clean are constantly evolving. We’ve seen shifts from hand-held cleaning tools to robots. There’s also the rise of electrostatics and indoor air quality monitoring systems. 

        Using the latest office cleaning technology has multiple benefits. It removes more dirt and germs, achieving a higher quality clean. For instance, some tools can get cleaning fluid onto a wider area and won’t miss the tiniest spot. Technology also increases efficiency since it takes less time and people to clean the same space.

        Innovation in eco-cleaning services can also reduce the harsh chemicals needed for effective cleaning and the residue from cleaning. This helps protect the environment and the health of employees and others who use the space. 

        Businesses should choose a commercial cleaning company that offers cutting-edge cleaning techniques and innovative cleaning products. The company will use less aggressive methods while still achieving a thorough clean. 

        These may include swapping rough brushes and dusters with vacuum cleaners on delicate fabric or using foam to reduce dampness while removing dirt. This helps preserve furniture, fixtures, machines, and other reusable items in the workplace. 

        Such cleaning companies also have tools, products, and methods that perform better when cleaning office space. For example, they might save on cleaning fluid or power for electric devices and reduce the physical effort needed. 

        Our team is among the top commercial cleaners, using innovative methods and the best cleaning products. These include EMist, which increases precision by releasing positively charged disinfectants to cover more contaminated space. 


        6. A clear and transparent pricing structure

        Some cleaning companies may propose seemingly fair pricing. However, they might have complexities and hidden costs that make their services more expensive. 

        At Green FM, we are as transparent about our pricing as we are about the ingredients of our cleaning products. You'll quickly know what to pay and how that changes as your demands evolve. Green FM offers complete clarity about cleaning costs, so you can plan better and sustain your cleaning routine. 

        Green cleaning is usually misconceived as more expensive than traditional cleaning. In reality, Green FM works with a highly trained team at the forefront of innovation. This enables us to deliver efficiencies that make our cleaning services more affordable for all businesses. 


        7. References and client testimonials

        One of the best ways to understand how effective a cleaning company can be is to listen to what its customers are saying about them. It’s always important to ask commercial cleaning companies if they have any reviews, case studies, or testimonials you can refer to. 

        These help you know how good a job they do and show you their problem-solving attitude. We have worked with hundreds of businesses across Greater London and would happily arrange any references to put businesses’ minds at ease.

        Our focus is on achieving the highest quality clean in an environmentally friendly manner without interrupting customer service. We have achieved this while working with Xero Software. 

        The Xero team says, “The team members are trained in the use of biodegradable products so they can be used safely in the workplace environment without causing harm to people or animals.

        Their eco-friendly cleaning products are made from renewable resources and biodegradable materials, so they're good for both Xero's business's bottom line (saving money) and the environment (saving resources). They also keep in mind Xero's carbon footprint so Xero can make sure the efforts they're making are real.”


        GET YOUR GUIDE:  Standard Precautions for Infection Control 


        Looking for a commercial cleaning partner you can trust?

        As mentioned earlier, businesses must keep their premises clean and hygienic. It boosts their reputation, makes employees proud to be associated with the business, and protects their health and the environment. A clean business space also attracts and retains more clients. 

        Finding the right professional cleaning services is the best way to ensure your business is cleaned to the highest standards. Choosing the right cleaning company can be tough, so selecting a partner that meets the seven criteria listed in this article is important. 

        At Green FM, we excel in all these areas and always strive for more. We have:

        • Treated every client as unique and provided the solutions best suited to them.
        • Garnered multiple certifications, accreditations, and professional association memberships.
        • Championed environmental protection and sustainability by using eco-friendly cleaning products and techniques.
        • We have massively invested in our employees and their protection by offering extensive training, providing suitable equipment, and paying a living wage.
        • Remained totally transparent about our pricing structure when giving quotes. 
        • Received outstanding reviews from our clients about the quality of our services.
        • Relentlessly pursued the latest and most ingenious innovations in cleaning technology.  

        Feel free to get in touch for a complimentary cleaning assessment and a transparent quote. 


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