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        Common Mistakes Businesses Make When Hiring an Office Cleaning Company

        common mistakes businesses make when hiring office cleaning company

        Selecting an office cleaning company might seem like an inconsequential task for the busy business owner. The office needs to get clean, and somebody has to do it. Yet rushing through this decision may prove to be a mistake with far-reaching effects.

        Check out these "rookie mistakes" that business owners might make when hiring an office cleaning company:


        Not Considering the Expense

        The pricing structure can vary widely between one office cleaning company and the next. An overpriced cleaning company will set a business back a substantial amount, eating into profits at an unnecessary cost.

        Some office cleaning companies are all "glitz"... and a business owner can pay heavily for the glamour of a deluxe cleaning company van, overly-priced cleaning equipment, and more.

        There's also a chance that a cleaning company might raise its rates exponentially and become unaffordable over time. A business might have "opened shop" with one office cleaning company at its helm, yet that doesn't mean that the business needs to stick with that company for eternity.

        A savvy business owner will compare rates between cleaning companies—not only upon hiring the company—but also annually to ascertain the best deal.


        Not Focusing on Which Services an Office Cleaning Company Offers

        Some office cleaning companies might insist on more services than a business actually needs. It might not be necessary for a business to have a full cleaning on a daily basis, depending on the specific scenario. If the foot traffic of an office is quite low, and there's no manufacturing component to the business, then it might not be necessary to sign a contract with a cleaning company that insists upon very frequent cleanings.

        Additionally, an office cleaning company might insist on packages that aren't necessary for an office situation, including "extras" that a business owner doesn't want... then raising the price to match.

        Just because a cleaning company caters to the business world at large, it doesn't necessarily follow that this cleaning company will cater to your unique business.

        Business owners should ensure that cleaning companies understand the needs of their particular businesses. They should also check to see if a potential cleaning company has worked with businesses that are similar in nature.

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        Disregarding the Location of the Company

        It pays to "stay local" when selecting an office cleaning company because it might be necessary to bring in the services of the cleaners in a pinch. What if there's a significant mess, and there's a V.I.P. client en route to the office? What if the conference room needs to be tidied after back-to-back meetings, in order to make an impression with the next group who will use it?

        A business owner should select a cleaning company that is geographically close to the business to ensure that services can be provided on an "urgent" or "emergency" basis. An office cleaning company's proximity to the business also ensures that it won't get tied up in traffic on the way.

        It's also important for business owners to pay attention to the location of the cleaning company in order to get a good referral from another local business. Online reviews might help somewhat, but nothing can beat a good word-of-mouth recommendation from a similar business in the neighbourhood.


        Not Giving Due Attention to Security Concerns

        Who does an office cleaning company employ? Do these workers come with background clearances, references, and security checks?

        Sometimes it might be the case that an office cleaning company is in business, unsupervised, during the off-hours. Consider all the valuable equipment, in addition to the sensitive documents on-premises. Consider if the workers at an office cleaning company might even be trusted to keep the doors locked, or to not invite any unsavoury characters into the office.

        There's no telling what might happen if the wrong office cleaning company ends up on-premises, unsupervised.


        Not Inquiring about a Cleaning Company's Licence and Insurance

        In the same way that a business owner might neglect to pay attention to an office cleaning company's security concerns, that business owner might also fail to pay attention to an office cleaning company's licencing and insurance.

        Is the company a legal entity, authorised to conduct business under a valid, up-to-date licence?

        Another consideration is the office cleaning company's insurance. Consider that the cleaners will be around the high-end and high-cost equipment in the office.

        What happens if that equipment gets damaged during the cleaning process? The equipment might be moved and shifted in such a way as to cause harm. What happens if some cleaning fluid drips into sensitive electronic components? What happens if the cleaner accidentally tosses away something important?

        The list of possible calamities is endless, and it's important to ensure that the office cleaning company has adequate insurance and protection in the eventuality of the "what-ifs."


        Not Researching the Qualifications of the Staff

        It's important for business owners to ensure that the staff of an office cleaning company is adequately prepared and qualified to clean on a commercial basis. Office cleaning is a different animal than residential cleaning, and it takes some know-how to get an office professionally clean.

        Has the staff been trained in carpet cleaning? Does the staff know how to remove mould from the ceiling tiles? Can the staff deal with unsavoury bathroom situations with sanitary methods?

        Again, the needs of each business are unique to that particular business... and each business owner needs to investigate to ensure that an office cleaning company is up to the challenge.

        References are very important, but it's also important to ask questions that probe deeper into the situations that might arise on a day-by-day, weekly, or even annual basis.

        Looking for a reliable commercial cleaning company in the UK? Look no further than Green Facilities. We offer a comprehensive range of eco-friendly cleaning services for companies in and around the London area. Contact us to discuss your specific needs as a business, and we'll be happy to discuss our various services and options, as well as to answer any questions you might have.

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