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        How To Clean Outside Windows You Can't Reach

        how to clean windows you cannot reach

        Keeping the windows of your business clean is more important than you might think. 

        Not only do clean, sparkling windows help your company present a professional image, but they also improve the quality of natural light in your business space - creating a more pleasant environment for both employees and customers.

        Regular window cleaning can also extend the life of your windows. The buildup of dirt and grime buildup can damage the seals over time, so keeping them clean can help avoid costly repairs or replacements.

        However, cleaning outside windows isn't always straightforward. 

        Achieving a streak-free finish can be tricky, and reaching those high or awkwardly placed windows can be even more challenging. 

        In this article, we'll share some practical tips for cleaning the windows you can reach and explore options for tackling those you can't.


        Able to reach your outside windows? Some tips for achieving a streak free finish


        Cleaning windows outside to achieve a perfect streak-free finish can be a challenging task.

        It can be frustrating to spend your time and energy cleaning your windows, only to notice streaks, smudges, or missed spots when they dry.

        Achieving a professional, sparkling, clean look requires the right combination of cleaning products, equipment, and techniques. 

        Here are some top tips to help you get the best results: 

        • Clean outside windows at the right time

        Did you know it’s actually best to clean your windows on a cloudy day? Direct sunlight can cause your windows to dry too quickly, which can leave you with streaks.

        • Use the right products

        If you have access to them, for the best results, we always recommend using eco-friendly cleaning products specifically designed for cleaning windows. If this isn’t possible, mixing one part white vinegar with two parts water can be an effective, eco-friendly cleaning solution.

        • Invest in the right equipment

        If you’re going to clean your outside windows yourself, it’s important to invest in the right equipment. The good news is, it doesn’t need to cost the earth - all you’re likely to need is a good quality squeegee, a toothbrush, a vacuum with a brush attachment, microfibre cloths, and a bucket.

        • The right technique is key

        The first thing to do is to remove any cobwebs and loose dirt with the brush attachment on your vacuum. Once you’ve done this, use a cloth to wipe the entire window surface with your cleaning solution. If there are any stubborn bits of dirt, this is where your toothbrush is useful. Once you’ve wiped your window and removed any dirt, it’s time to use your squeegee - going from top to bottom. 

        • Drying your windows - the finishing touch

        The final step is one that is often missed! Use a clean, dry microfiber cloth to dry your windows for a streak free finish, and remove any remaining water or solution around the edges of the window.


        The bigger challenge: how to clean outside windows you can't reach

        Cleaning outside windows that are difficult to reach, such as those on upper floors or in awkward locations, can be far more challenging. 

        The height and location of these windows not only make it hard to achieve the same level of cleanliness as easily accessible windows, but can also pose safety risks if you don’t have the right equipment or training.

        Let’s take a look at some of the challenges in more detail:

        Safety concerns

        One of the main issues when cleaning outside windows that are hard to reach is safety.

        Attempting to clean high windows without the proper equipment, training, and safety precautions can put people at risk of serious injury. 

        Before trying to clean these hard-to-reach windows, it’s important to conduct a risk assessment to identify any potential hazards and determine the safest and most effective approach.

        Your risk assessment should take into account things like the height of the windows, the weather conditions, and whether your team has access to all the appropriate safety equipment. 

        Once you’ve evaluated all the risks involved, you’ll be able to decide whether to manage the cleaning of your hard-to-reach windows internally, or hire professional commercial window cleaning specialists who are trained to handle the task.

        Investing in the right equipment and training

        The standard cleaning equipment we discussed earlier, like your squeegee, toothbrush and microfibre cloths, aren’t going to be enough to effectively clean those hard-to-reach windows. 

        Equipment like extension poles and telescopic brushes are often useful for helping to clean windows that are on the first or second floor, reducing the need for ladders and the risk of falls. 

        However, for windows that are higher up, you may need to invest in equipment such as ladders, suspended platforms, or rope access systems, and the relevant PPE such as harnesses, helmets, and non-slip shoes to keep your staff safe.

        Investing in the right window cleaning equipment and making sure it’s properly maintained is crucial if you’re going to clean your hard-to-reach windows safely. 

        But equally important is ensuring your staff have the right training. They need to know how to handle specialist equipment safely and effectively to get the best results without accidents. 

        Sometimes it’s easier to outsource

        There can be a lot of risk and cost involved in cleaning office windows that are hard to reach, which is why many businesses choose to outsource this responsibility to a commercial cleaning company. 

        Outsourcing the cleaning of your hard to reach windows can take a weight off your mind - ensuring high-quality results, and eliminating any safety concerns for your team. 


        The benefits of working with a commercial cleaning company

        When it comes to cleaning your hard-to-reach windows, commercial cleaning companies offer a range of benefits that make them a sensible choice for a lot of businesses. 

        Experience and expertise for the highest quality clean

        One of the main advantages of working with a commercial cleaning company is their experience and expertise in cleaning windows that are difficult to reach. 

        Professional window-cleaning specialists are likely to have comprehensive training and years of experience in tackling window-cleaning projects in different buildings and environments. 

        By accessing this experience, you can have confidence that your windows will be left clean with a professional streak free finish, making the right impression on your customers and guests. 

        Access to the latest window cleaning equipment

        Professional commercial cleaning services invest in state-of-the-art equipment designed to make the cleaning process more efficient, effective, and safe. 

        For example, water-fed poles can help commercial cleaning companies reach windows up to several stories high whilst standing on the ground, eliminating the need for ladders. 

        This not only improves safety but also allows commercial window cleaning companies to achieve excellent results quickly and efficiently.  

        Some of this specialist equipment is likely to be cost-prohibitive for your business to purchase for yourself. However, by working with a commercial cleaning partner, you can access all the benefits of this advanced equipment without the upfront investment.

        No concerns about employee safety or risk assessments

        By choosing to work with a commercial window cleaning company, you can reduce the risk to your own employees and lower the chance of accidents. 

        Cleaning high or hard-to-reach windows can be dangerous, but professional cleaners will have a fully trained team and all necessary safety equipment, making sure your windows are cleaned safely and without incident.

        Additionally, outsourcing your window cleaning can also reduce the amount of time you need to spend on risk assessments, as your cleaning company will handle all of this for you.


        Green FM: Your commercial window cleaning solution

        Regularly cleaning your windows is essential for presenting a professional image for your business, improving the quality of natural light coming into your space, and extending the longevity of your windows. 

        However, there is more to cleaning windows than meets the eye. 

        Even easy-to-reach windows can be challenging to clean with a streak-free finish. And if your windows are harder to reach, this only adds to the difficulty and risk. 

        This is why many businesses choose to work with a professional commercial cleaning company like Green FM for their window cleaning. 

        With a highly trained team, ISO-certified cleaning methods, and the latest innovations in cleaning technology, Green FM can tackle even the most challenging window-cleaning projects.

        We’re committed to a sustainable approach to cleaning, using products and techniques that are kind to the environment while delivering exceptional results.

        Get in touch with Green FM today for a free window cleaning assessment. 


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