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        5 Office Cleaning Tips to Keep a Sanitary Work Space

        In his 1778 sermon, John Wesley affirmed that cleanliness is next to godliness. This means that it is important and morally right to be clean. Cleanliness is vital whether in homes, workplaces or even the environment. In the office, a sanitary workplace is both essential and beneficial.

        No one wants to work in a messy office with cluttered desks and untidy restrooms. In a bid to guarantee a sanitary workplace, most organisations have a dedicated cleaner or hire the services of a cleaning company like Green Facilities. Although such an arrangement is good, it is essential for employers to encourage employees to take part in keeping the office clean and tidy.


        5 Office Cleaning Tips To Keep A Sanitary Work Space


        Why should employers encourage employees to maintain a clean workplace?

        A clean and clutter-free office has the following benefits.

        • Offers employees a sense of well-being.
        • Increases productivity.
        • Promotes concentration and focus.
        • Enhances engagement levels when employees take part in guaranteeing office cleanliness.
        • Improves your bottom line due to an increase in productivity and engagement.
        • Visitors and customers get a good first impression.
        • Portrays employees' excellent management and organisational skills.

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        Ways office managers can encourage employees to keep the workplace clean and healthy

        Stock cleaning supplies

        Employees may have the motivation to clean the workplace, but when there is no cleaning equipment, the motivation is lost. Make sure you stock enough cleaning items so that they are available when employees need them. Also, the sight of cleaning supplies reminds employees to tidy up. Refrain from buying harsh cleansers because they add toxicity to the workplace.

        Distribute responsibility

        The obligation of tidying up the workplace should not be left to one employee or specific employees. You should consider distributing cleaning duties to all employees. For example, you can group employees and allocate them cleaning certain areas or certain days of the week.

        Schedule cleanup days

        It is best practice to schedule at least two days in a year to engage in deep cleaning. This can be towards the end of the year or during summer. Thoroughly clean personal spaces as well as common areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

        Tie cleanliness to safety

        You can encourage employees to keep the office clean by relating cleanliness to safety. For example, explain to employees how hygiene in common areas like kitchens and bathrooms controls the spread of germs and bacteria.

        It is important to encourage regular hand washing in the office. Research shows that 80% of infectious diseases in the office are transmitted by touch. You can promote hand-washing by installing hand wash stations in the kitchen and bathroom with soap, towels, and warm air hand dryers.

        Discourage eating at desks

        Many employees find it convenient to eat their lunch at their desks as they work. If possible, discourage eating at desks and encourage employees to eat elsewhere like in the kitchen. By eating elsewhere, employees get a chance to take a proper break and improve their productivity when they return. Importantly, it keeps desks and keyboards clean away from food particles.

        Draft a kitchen cleaning rota

        The office kitchen can be messy with dirty cups and plates, overflowing bins, and food cluttering in the fridge. It is best practice to draw a kitchen cleaning rota so that all employees take part in cleaning the kitchen. The rota specifies who cleans where and when and reduces any conflicts. It also ensures that the kitchen is always clean, offering everyone a pleasant environment for work and stay.

        Simple office cleaning hacks to keep a clean and sanitary work-space

        Below are five simple, economical, and environmentally safe cleaning hacks to maintain a sanitary office.

        1. Electronics organiser

        Forget about the desk organisers that hold supplies like pens, scissors, and markers. It's time for an electronic organiser for your electronics. An electronic organiser keeps your tablet, phone, and laptop accessories organised and easy to reach.

        2. Strategically place baking soda pots

        If you have a closed office, the build-up of a musty smell can be a turn off because of lack of outside airflow. It can cause headaches, clouded thinking, and respiratory conditions for employees. You can tackle this issue by placing pots of baking soda and essential oil drops in strategic spots of the office. Choose essential oils that promote focus, alertness, and productivity. This hack combines a cleanliness benefit with a positive mood in the office.

        3. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner

        Invest in a good vacuum cleaner for spotless and fast cleaning. A good vacuum cleaner saves electricity and labour costs. It also cuts costs by reducing the need for floor maintenance and repair. When buying a vacuum cleaner, choose one with minimum disruption in case an employee needs to use it during office hours.

        4. Use hydrogen peroxide to sanitise chairs

        Among the office equipment that employees get in contact with daily are computers, desks, and chairs. The chairs accumulate dust, dirt, and even food spills over time. Regular maintenance and cleaning can prolong the life of your chairs and keep them clean. You can clean and sanitise your chairs using hydrogen peroxide and dish-washing soap. This leaves your chairs fresh, germ-free, and welcoming for employees, guests, and clients.

        5. Water stains from cups

        How many times do employees drink from their desks –water, coffee, tea, or juice? The answer is many. In many cases, the cup stains the tabletop with a stubborn water ring. You can get rid of the water ring using mayonnaise without damaging the desk. This hack keeps office desks clean and sanitary.

        Although cleaning may not be part of an official employee's job responsibility, it does not mean that employees cannot engage in cleaning to achieve a healthy workplace.

        A clean office has psychological and physical benefits because it not only increases concentration and productivity but also creates a pleasant work environment and an excellent first impression for clients and visitors. A messy workplace has the potential to breed disease and stress and scare customers and visitors away.

        Do not wait until an untidy work-space affects your business adversely; use these simple and effective tips and hacks to attain a clean and sanitary work environment. Also, choose a reliable cleaning service provider like Green Facilities for a thorough office cleaning.


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