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        8 Reasons to Choose a Green Office Cleaning Service

        Keeping your office clean and tidy has a number of key advantages: first and foremost, you can increase employee productivity and morale. Second, you can often keep employees healthier. Are you thinking about hiring an office cleaning service? There are many benefits to hiring a green office cleaning service to keep your office looking--and running--its best.


        8 Reasons Choose Green Office Cleaning Service


        1. Companies can reduce costs by going green.

        Going green is more than just a buzzword. These days, going green not only helps save the environment, it can also help save you money. Many traditional office cleaning supplies pile on the expense and create potential heath hazards throughout the office. When you opt for green cleaning services, on the other hand, you'll often reduce the costs associated with cleaning. Going green often saves your business money in other ways, too.

        Green initiatives can decrease energy expenses, create more sustainable practices that keep your business running more efficiently, and decrease waste throughout your business, which often ultimately decreases your overall costs.


        2. Clean offices are healthy offices.

        How do you currently handle cleaning responsibilities throughout your office? If you tend to let cleaning slide, especially during busy seasons, you may also be allowing germs to invade--especially during those seasons when stress may deplete your office workers' immune systems still further. Clean offices, on the other hand, are healthier offices. Employees become less likely to spread germs and illness, which means that you'll see less need for sick days.


        3. Eco-friendly offices increase productivity.

        Are you looking for ways to energize your employees, increase their satisfaction, and make them more productive? Making the move to eco-friendly cleaning services might be a great start. Green initiatives often cause an increase in efficiency and productivity throughout many office spaces. Employees in green offices are simply able to think better: they see as much as a 26% increase in cognitive function, including the ability to think creatively and to respond to problems along the way.


        4. Employees become happier.

        Your employees' happiness translates to a number of benefits for your business. First and foremost, happy employees are more productive and more dedicated to the company as a whole. Not only that, happy employees are more likely to stay with their current company, rather than moving on to a new job the moment one becomes available--and decreasing employee turnover can help your business reduce operational costs and keep you functioning at peak efficiency, rather than dealing with constant changes in staff.

        Happy employees are also more likely to go the extra mile for your customers, which will help increase their overall satisfaction with your business and keep them coming back for their future needs in your industry. While simply going green won't automatically make your employees happier, many of the changes that go along with it can. Natural lighting, a focus on fewer chemicals, and attention to employee and environmental health can all contribute heavily to increased employee happiness.


        5. You don't have to worry about the chemicals used to clean your building.

        When you use a traditional cleaner, you may start to worry about the chemicals they're using throughout your office. You want to avoid irritating your employees' and customers lungs or using chemicals that could cause a decline in their overall health. When you choose a green cleaner, you know that they're avoiding chemicals that could potentially be detrimental to both the environment and employee health. You'll avoid a negative impact on indoor air quality while keeping your business looking its best.


        6. You won't have to add cleaning to your other tasks.

        You have plenty of things to keep you busy throughout your workday--and so do your employees. If you leave cleaning on the general To Do list of every member of the office staff, you may quickly find that it falls by the wayside, especially during busy seasons. When you hire green cleaners to take care of your office, on the other hand, you'll find that it's easier to keep up with all of the tasks on your list. Not only does having someone else take care of the cleaning means that your employees can spend their time on other tasks, the increase in cleanliness throughout the building could translate to improved productivity.


        7. Clean offices may increase employee tenacity.

        In a study conducted by Harvard University, participants were asked to sit down and work at a desk that was cluttered and messy or a desk that was neat and tidy. Then, they were taken into another room and asked to solve an impossible task.

        Participants who sat at dirty, cluttered desks worked at the impossible task for approximately 11 minutes before giving up. Participants at the neat, tidy desks, on the other hand, worked for an average of 18 minutes before stopping.

        In your office, you want employees who will dive in and work hard to conquer the challenges in front of them. You want to present them with the best possible opportunities to do so--and allowing them to work in a clean, uncluttered environment will free up their minds to focus on the challenges in their work day, rather than leaving them frustrated and beaten down before they have a chance to get started.


        8. Green cleaning shows you care.

        Your company cares about the environment and about your employees--and opting for green cleaning services is a great way to show it! As part of larger initiative, green cleaning services can position your company as a caring, eco-friendly company dedicated to providing the best possible services for your customers, your employees, and your world. Often, today's customers use their buying power to show support for companies who prioritize being eco-friendly and sustainability.

        Are you ready to use green cleaning services to take care of the regular cleaning tasks throughout your workplace? We can help. Contact us today to learn more about the cleaning services we offer and how we can help boost your eco-friendly profile and employee productivity.


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