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        8 Ways to Improve Cleanliness in the Office to Reduce Illnesses


        As a business owner or manager, the cleanliness of your office is probably not a priority. It may not be among the first things that come to your mind each morning.

        Most business owners and managers only notice issues of cleanliness and sanitation when they get out of hand. However, you can't run a successful business if you don't prioritise maintaining a clean and sanitary workplace. The environment of a workplace affects workers well-being, productivity, and performance.

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        In line with this, you must ensure that your office is cleaned regularly so that employees have a happy, healthy and productive place to work. Also, a clean workplace creates a great first impression for visitors, business partners and clients. That is not all, a clean and hygienic office workplace has other benefits including;

        Increase employee productivity

        A clean workplace offers a healthy environment for employees to work and thus increasing their productivity and performance. An unclean workplace reduces worker productivity. For example, if an employee is injured at work, he may not work as well as when he is healthy. The result is reduced efficiency, missed deadlines, increased errors, and low performance.

        Promotes workplace safety

        A messy workplace increases the probability of occupational hazards. Accidents and incidents become prominent. For instance, when boxes are not well stacked, they may fall on a worker and injure him. Also, when equipment is placed haphazardly, an employee may trip on it and get hurt. A clean and well-arranged work station promotes safety because all equipment is kept in designated places to prevent accidents.

        First impressions matter

        Imagine a potential client visiting your office only to be welcomed by a dirty and chaotic reception area. Do you think such a client would be willing to do business with you? Probably not. A smudgy workplace creates the impression that you can't take care of your office leave alone the customers.

        On the other hand, a clean and sanitary office is appealing and welcoming to visitors and clients. It creates the impression of excellent organisation, efficiency, and sanitation. Also, a client judges your products and services based on the work environment. Regardless of what you sell, a tidy work environment suggests that your products and services are quality and superior.

        Happy employees

        The average person spends 8 hours daily in the office. For many employees, their workplace is a second home. Hence, it is essential to keep the second home clean and tidy so that employees are happy, healthy and comfortable working. A happy employee is a great marketing tool because he shares his experience working at your company with family and friends. Similarly, an unhappy employee also spreads the word about the deplorable state of your workplace.

        Germs in the Workplace

        Did you know that the average desk has 400 times more germs than a toilet seat? Yes, a toilet seat. An average desk contains an estimate of 20,961 germs per square inch; the phone has 25,127 germs, the keyboard has 3,295 germs, and the mouse has 1,676 germs. These germs make workers at high risk of contracting diseases. Commonly used spaces in the workplace like break rooms contain many germs -around 20,951 germs per square inch. The work kitchen, for example, has 2,484 germs per square inch.

        Although you would assume that the tap is clean because it is surrounded by water, this is not the case. It hides 1,331 germs per square inch. These statistics reveal the importance of cleaning workplaces regularly to prevent illness and stop the spread of infections unnecessarily among colleagues.


        Tips to Improve Cleanliness in the Office and Prevent Sickness

        1. De-clutter your desk

        Your desk is your responsibility. You should keep it clean and tidy. Start by filing your paperwork, storing binders and keeping trash in the bin. Next, wipe your desk with a solvent to kill germs and say hello to a clean and germs-free office.

        2. Wash your hands

        Your hands are the natural transit for germs. Keep your hands clean by washing them to avoid spreading germs. You should have signs throughout the workplace and restroom on the importance of hand hygiene.

        3. Use sanitisers

        Sanitisers are great for maintaining a hygienic workplace. Put sanitisers in common areas, conference rooms, and mail-room for quick hand cleaning.

        4. Draft a good sick leave policy

        Although sick leave may encourage absenteeism, it is the best option. When sick workers report to work, their productivity is low and are vulnerable to making mistakes. Also, sick employees put other employees at risk of contracting diseases and even falling ill. Sick leave decreases chances of cross-contamination and spread of infectious diseases.

        5. Clean vents

        Many workplaces focus on floor and equipment cleanliness and forget air cleanliness. If your office has windows, you should open them to get fresh air. If not, clean air vents regularly to keep the workplace air clean and healthy.

        6. Bring Clean Tissues

        Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when sneezing or coughing. Dispose of the issue well after use.

        7. Wipe Down Commonly Used Surfaces

        Use disinfectant wipes to wipe high touch areas like keyboards, phones, light switches and door handles. Importantly, provide employees with sanitary wipes and disinfectant spray. The cleaning staff should use disinfectants to kill viruses and germs around the workplace.

        8. Flu Prevention

        During germ-prone time like the flu season, it is best practice to reduce person contact. This minimises the spread of infectious germs.

        A clean and sanitary office prevents illnesses such as colds, flu and other diseases. Although it is best practice for employees to take part in cleaning the workplace, never task them with the cleaning duty. It is better to invest in a dedicated cleaning company like Green Facilities.

        The professional cleaning company cleans every part of your office from floors to walls, bathrooms and even outside your office. You can choose for the cleaning crew to clean the office once or hire them to do it several times in a month.

        Importantly, educate your employees on the benefits of a clean and sanitary workplace to prevent illness. Contact Green Facilities for eco-friendly cleaning service for excellent office cleaning and sanitation.


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