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Difference Between Traditional and Green Cleaning Products

Green cleaning products

A truly green company understands that, in order to really be defined as that, it's important that all aspects of the business are environmentally-friendly, like the cleaning. London is full of large offices, used by dozens, or even hundreds of people, who have often travelled a long way across the city. Such buildings quickly become insanitary without effective cleaning. Illnesses can spread and productivity is affected. Meanwhile, customers arriving on the premises do not receive the best possible first impression. So the question we want to address today is: are green cleaning products as effective as traditional ones?

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Normal Cleaning Products vs Green Cleaning Products

Extremely clean hard surfaces are the goal for any good cleaning company. This is because very clean surfaces make it harder for dirt, bacteria, yeasts, and other undesirables to stick to that surface.

Achieving extremely clean hard surfaces traditionally involves a two-step process: cleaning, which means the removal of visible dirt, followed by disinfecting. This latter stage typically involves the use of biocides, which target bacteria. Unfortunately, just as antibiotic resistance has developed, so bacteria can also become resistant to biocides. This problem, coupled with the time, labour, and cost associated anyway with this two-stage process, enhances the case for the use of alternative products.

Traditional cleaning agents

Oleonix Ltd is an example of a manufacturer offering a solution to this quest and one that we use and provide to our clients. Its products use micriolysis. This is a process in which the product's active agents are able chemically to penetrate dirt, and break the physical bonds holding that dirt to a hard surface. The loosened dirt is then easily removed without the need for biocides.

Oleonix Solutions are eco-safe. They do not include phosphates, petroleum solvents, caustics, peroxides, hypochlorates, and they have a zero VOC-emission rate. Certified non-toxic and food safe, they can be used on any surfaces, including those associated with food preparation, without risk to human health.

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Using the Right Microfibre

The right cleaning solution, even a green one, needs the right application tool. Microfibres are popular, but they are not all created equal. Some are more durable than others, and user comfort varies between types. Concept Microfibre mop frames and handles are ergonomically designed, with the aim of eliminating user repetitive strain injury. They can be paired with three different mop "heads", each intended for different cleaning jobs. Each type is guaranteed for 1000 washes.

Similarly, there are a variety of microfibre cloths for the green cleaner to choose from. The non-abrasive type can be used dry, or with Oleonix, and on any surface. A second type is double-sided: a plain side absorbs dirt, while an "Energy Mechanically Reinforced", or EMR, striped side works with Oleonix to remove tough, ingrained dirt. For the toughest jobs, there are the "heavy duty high absorbent microfibre cloths". As the name implies, they are extremely absorbent. They are also pleasingly durable, lasting 400-500 washes.

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