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        Keeping Your Office Clean During The Winter

        Winter presents unique challenges to keep your business clean and dry.  Rain, sleet, snow and ice can cause problems with wet floors, while sand and salt used to melt ice can make the floor sandy. Dirty floors not only create an unattractive atmosphere but also create slippery surfaces on which customers and employees can slide and fall. 

        Cleaning Office Windows

        Taking care of your floors is essential, but it's not the only area of your office that needs special attention in the winter.

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        It may be tempting to omit winter window cleaning services because of frequent winter showers, sleet and snow, but the consequences of these storms are the very reason why you need to clean them. Dirty windows look cloudy and reduce the amount of sunlight entering the office. This means less natural light and passive heat indoors. Natural light promotes productivity and improves the mood of employees and customers. During the dark winter days, the strong sunlight of windows can bring life to your business, but that's not all. Sunlight also helps dry floors and control excess moisture. Keeping your windows clean in the winter will lift your mood and impress customers.

        Influenza and cold are raging during the winter months and spread by viruses. Cleaning your office equipment, especially phones and keyboards, counter-tops, tables, doorknobs and public spaces, is essential for killing viruses and preventing the spread of germs. Commercial cleaning services can do the job for you with organic products that leave your office with a fresh, clean scent without worrying about the harmful chemicals that remain in the air. Keeping microbes in check prevents disease among employees and prevents loss of productivity due to sick leave.

        Air Quality
        Your office may be poorly ventilated and suffer from air quality problems during the winter, windows and closed doors. But you can solve the problem by installing an air filter and adding plants to the office. A NASA study in 1989 confirmed that indoor plants remove pollutants from the air and keep the fresh air inside. The right options are gold pots, ficus, English ivy and peace lily. All of these plants thrive in the usual low light conditions in offices. Place plants in work areas, restrooms and customer areas to add a touch of nature to the interior and avoid problems with poor air quality.


        Keeping the floors clean and cleaning the rugs is an important part of keeping your office clean in the winter. Not only does it prevent people from slipping and falling, but it also keeps moisture at a low level. Although you frequently have to scrub the areas reserved for guests during the day to avoid security problems, a cleaning service can lift carpeted or polished floors after hours. They can also advise you on how to make your floors look good during the day.

        Hiring commercial cleaners for your office cleaning needs is a great way to keep it clean and hazard free during winter.

        Green FM will be very happy to visit your office or workplace and provide you with a free consultation and quotation. Please call us on 0800 044 5795 or email us on info@greenfacilities.co.uk for more information.

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