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        8 Types of Commercial Cleaning Services You Should Know

        commercial cleaning services


        Want to know the importance of commercial cleaning?

        Imagine ste­pping into an office, café, or store - what catches your e­ye first? 

        The sparkling floors. The spotle­ss countertops. The fresh, inviting atmosphe­re. Cleanliness is an understated welcome mat that determines whether people want to step inside.

        Bustling commercial spaces te­ll a brand's story, but keeping them spotless is tough - and often best left to the­ professionals

        When hiring expert, green commercial cleaning se­rvices, you invest in a he­althier, more appealing environment that will have a great impre­ssion on your customers and staff.

        We know there's a multitude of cleaning services out there. So, it's key to know which ones suit your needs. 

        This article will shed light on eight types of commercial cleaning services you should know about, helping you make informed decisions to maintain your space’s appeal.


        Office cleaning

        Keeping a clean office is essential for the health and well-being of your staff and leaves the right impression on guests. You can realise these benefits by hiring an office cleaning company

        Regular and deeper office cleaning also slows the spread of diseases, reducing illness-driven absenteeism. 

        Effective office cleaning services usually cover:

        • Desks
        • Floors
        • Common areas (like lobbies and conference rooms)
        • Breakrooms
        • Restrooms

        Quality office cleaning services also prevent infection through efforts like decontamination (disinfecting surfaces and shared items), proper office waste disposal and preventative deep cleaning. 

        At Green FM, we tailor our office cleaning approach to your business’s specific needs and remain flexible with schedules to minimise business disruption. 


        Commercial kitchen cleaning

        Food preparation is a sensitive process that should be done in areas with strict hygiene standards. Businesses that do not adhere to a rigorous kitchen cleaning regime risk non-compliance with the Food Hygiene Regulations Act 2006. 

        Sadly, busy kitchens easily get messy, so it can be tough to keep them clean. Fortunately, Green FM is a leading commercial cleaning company with decades of experience in kitchen cleaning

        We ensure that your commercial kitchen space will be spotless and hygienic with an approach that covers:

        • Cookers, hob, deep fryers, and any other specified equipment
        • Degreasing of Floors & Walls
        • Scouring all Metal Surfaces
        • Ceilings
        • Lights

        Our partnership with Five Guys evidences our experience in kitchen cleaning. We went from one trial run to handling the cleaning needs for all their Central London stores. Since January 2018, we've kept these kitchens sparkling without interrupting their seven-night-a-week schedule.


        Property cleaning

        Using commercial cleaning services is essential in the dynamic world of property management, where first impressions matter.

        For property managers and estate agents, keeping a property spotless is not just about pride but a fundamental necessity that affects tenancy and business. Green Facilities offers a suite of property cleaning services designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal and comply with legal hygiene standards. 

        Using green cleaning products and sustainable practices, our team cares for every part of your property - from communal areas that welcome residents and visitors to outdoor spaces that provide a breath of fresh air. 

        Our comprehensive service goes beyond just cleaning; it includes jet washing, rubbish collection, and even graffiti removal, ensuring your property is always in top condition.


        Gym and health club cleaning

        Cleanliness is vital in gyms and health clubs since they are often busy, making it easy for germs to spread if machines aren't regularly cleaned and disinfected.

        A clean gym enhances the member-experience and satisfaction. Cleanliness also makes the gym environment ‘Instagram-worthy’, a great bonus for guests who like to share their workouts.

        Some health clubs have swimming pools, steam rooms, and saunas, which require special attention to prevent slipping and deter the growth of mould and mildew. 

        This makes it even more important to find the right commercial cleaning services provider who can properly clean gyms and health clubs. Green FM has the expertise and specialised products to deliver best-in-class results.

        We cover various health club cleaning tasks, like:

        • Drying poolside areas and changing rooms
        • Disinfecting gym equipment
        • Scrubbing showers and toilets
        • Mopping workout floors
        • Dusting and vacuuming mats
        • Wiping mirrors
        • Emptying dust bins
        • Sanitising steam rooms and saunas


        Retail store cleaning

        A clean and hygienic retail store can create a welcoming atmosphere for your customers, making them feel comfortable browsing and purchasing. But if a customer finds dust and dirt in a changing room while trying on some clothing, they may not perceive your store well. 

        They might even abandon the purchase altogether. A well-maintained store improves the overall customer experience and can improve retail sales. The retail sector has specific cleaning needs, and it's vital to choose a retail cleaning partner with the right level of experience. 

        Green FM has been cleaning retail spaces across the capital for two decades and can tailor their retail cleaning services to specific store needs - ensuring customers aren't disrupted.

        Some of the common areas Green FM cleans include shop floors, changing rooms, staff rooms, offices, stock rooms, toilets, and bathrooms. We also handle window cleaning, floor maintenance, and carpet cleaning


        Steam cleaning

        While traditional cleaning methods are very effective, the results may vary when applied to certain items and areas that easily retain more dirt and germs. This is where professional steam cleaning services shine, using high-temperature steam to eliminate dirt, grime, and allergens from numerous surfaces. 

        Steam can get under the surface of materials - eliminating some bacteria that surface cleaning can’t reach. It also works in a wide range of industries and settings. Steam cleaning doesn't use harsh chemicals - so it aligns with Green FM’s green cleaning approach.

        These benefits have encouraged us to continue offering steam cleaning as part of our commercial cleaning services. 


        Carpet cleaning

        Most modern businesses physically serving customers have considerable footfall, especially hotels, restaurants and retail stores. Their carpets will inevitably get dirty and require regular cleaning. Professional carpet cleaning services can help remove dirt, allergens, and stains.

        It can also extend your carpets' lifespan and improve the overall look of your commercial space. Green FM uses different methods for carpet cleaning, such as:

        • Shampooing & Extraction
        • Steam Cleaning
        • Stain Guarding Carpet Protection


        Hard floor cleaning

        Hard floors can handle the wear and tear of daily traffic. 

        Unlike carpets that collect allergens and ne­ed frequent de­ep cleaning, hard floors promote a healthier space for employees and customers. 

        With its durability and classic look, hard flooring can considerably outlast other flooring options. 

        Yet, their lifespan depends on the care they receive. A commitment to commercial cleaning is essential to preserving their beauty and functionality.

        Each type of hard floor demands its unique brand of care:

        • Wood Floors: These classics crave a gentle touch, requiring specific cleaning agents that preserve their natural beauty and prevent warping or water damage.
        • Vinyl and Laminate Floors: These floors are notoriously low maintenance yet high performance. They benefit from careful cleaning to avoid scratches and dullness.
        • Concrete Floors: The foundation of industrial spaces, they thrive with specialised industrial-grade cleaning that can extract ingrained dirt and revitalise their appearance.

        Green FM doesn't just clean; we curate an environment of excellence starting from the ground up. 

        Our hard floor services cover cleaning, stripping away old finishes, buffing to banish scuffs, polishing to bring out a floor's shine, and maintaining the daily gleam. We even seal the deal, quite literally, by sealing floors to extend their life, ensuring every square foot reflects your business's standards and ethos. 

        With Green FM, floors don't just exist; they tell a story of quality, care, and attention to detail.


        Green FM: Tailored commercial cleaning services for every industry

        Commercial cleaning is important because it sustains the health and safety of employees while delivering the right impression to guests. This is why it’s crucial to find the right commercial cleaning company with experience in your industry. 

        Green FM has 20+ years of experience cleaning a wide range of commercial premises, including offices, kitchens, properties, gyms, health clubs, hotels, and retail stores. 

        Partnering with us is beneficial because you get:

        • ISO-certified services
        • A sustainable cleaning approach
        • A living wage champion
        • Flexible cleaning schedules that minimise business disruption

        Get in touch with us today and learn how Green FM can help your business unlock these benefits.



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