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        Top tips: How to keep the office as clean as possible


        The benefits of a clean office extend far beyond the sense of well-being given by a well-organised, clutter-free working environment: increased productivity and higher levels of staff engagement will increase your profits as well. A hygienic and tidy office also gives visitors a good first impression of how the business is run.

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        1. Encourage hand washing

        Around 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted around the office by touch so it is important that all members of staff understand the importance of regular hand washing. On average, people touch their faces at least 18 times per hour so it is important that they regularly wash their hands.  If possible, try to include a motion censored dispenser for soap in the toilet and kitchen as this will improve overall hygiene in the office.

        1. Try not to eat at your desk

         It’s often convenient for staff to eat lunch at their desks but you should encourage them to eat elsewhere whenever possible.  This will not only keep their desks and keyboards cleaner but will also give them the chance to take a proper break, increasing their productivity on their return. If you notice that staff are still eating at their desks, remember to have disinfectant wipes nearby so that they can at least clean up their workplace once they have eaten.

        1. Keep desk spaces decluttered

        Keeping a clean and tidy office is important for everyone’s health, but it also improves productivity. If staff work in an environment that is decluttered and clean they are likely to work more efficiently.  Try to build some time into the working day for staff to declutter desks so that they can take pride in keeping their office tidy.

        1. Empty waste bins

        Although at first it might appear excessive, by emptying bins every day it will create a much better office environment.  When staff discard food into their waste bins it can often become smelly and sticky.  When bins are emptied daily as part of the office routine you will quickly notice an improvement in the office environment.

        1. Have disinfectant wipes available

        Disinfectant wipes are very handy for keeping the office clean and fresh as you can encourage your staff members to wipe down their desks.  Disinfectant wipes are an easy way to sanitise a workspace and help to prevent the spread of illness.

        These top tips are small things that you can implement into your office easily and they will make a big difference to the workplace environment.

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