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        Quick Office Carpet Cleaning Tips from The Experts

        When you walk into almost any office building in the UK, chances are good that you'll be walking in on carpet. Carpeting is the preferred flooring option for most office environments. That's because it offers many benefits that other flooring options such as wood or laminate do not.

        First, carpet is very cost effective. Often, an office can install wall-to-wall carpeting at less expense than they can install almost any other flooring option. Secondly, it acts as a noise reducer. Carpeting can help reduce the noise inside the office, helping workers focus on the task at hand. And lastly, carpeting is easy to care for and maintain. But only if you know what to do!

        Quick Office Carpet Cleaning Tips from The Experts

        Why It's Important to Keep Your Office Carpeting Clean

        It's important to maintain the cleanliness of your office carpeting. Check out these top tips for office carpet cleaning so your flooring looks new and clean as long as possible.

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        It's better for employee health.

        Carpets are great for keeping allergens out of the air. The fibres of the carpets trap allergens such as dust and pollen. But you don't want to leave those allergens in there. Cleaning your carpets regularly can help remove the particles trapped in the carpet fibres.

        That way they aren't released back into the air when someone walks over the carpeting. Letting the allergens build up can lead to employees with symptoms like itching eyes, running nose, and sore throats. It could even cause health concerns like asthma to worsen.

        If your carpets aren't steam cleaned, bacteria can grow below the surface and create even bigger health concerns. This leads to unhealthy employees and more sick days.


        It's key to a good first impression.

        New carpets look amazing. And if you take care of them over time, they'll continue to look great for years to come. How your floors look matters to your business. It's part of the first impression your business will make on your clients. If your carpeting is dirty, it's going to leave an impression that you don't care about your business. Your carpets should be part of professional, clean, and put-together appearance. That makes your customers and your employees take your business seriously.


        It helps you save money.

        Not only is carpet more cost-effective when it comes to installation, but its also more cost-effective over time. Carpets are inexpensive to maintain. You need to clean them about twice a year in a typical office. High-traffic areas may need cleaning as often as once a month. When you keep your carpets on a regular cleaning schedule, they'll stay looking like new for years. With the right maintenance, you shouldn't have to replace your carpets for at least a decade. That's a lot of use for a little cost.


        Top Five Tips For Cleaning and Maintaining Your Office Carpeting

        Here are some tips to ensure cleanliness in your office.


        Use mats.

        Put mats at all your entry areas as well as in high-traffic spaces. This does two things to protect your carpet. First, it traps direct, mud, and sand at the doorways so it doesn't get tracked onto your carpets. Secondly, it prevents these materials from causing your carpet fibres to wear prematurely. This will extend the life of your carpet as well as reduce how often you need to have the carpets cleaned.


        Vacuum often.

        Despite your best efforts with the mats, dirt will make its way onto your carpet. To prevent it from getting ground into the fibres, it's important that you vacuum carpeted areas regularly. Vacuum high-traffic areas should at least once a day and other areas two or three times a week. Make this a part of your regular maintenance schedule. If you don't want to do the vacuuming yourself, make sure your office cleaning team makes it a part of their regular cleaning schedule.


        Treat spots immediately.

        The sooner you can treat stains and spills, the less damage they'll do to your carpet. Make sure you have all the supplies on hand to treat spots and encourage employees to make use of them when they create a stain. Teach them how to use them properly. The longer you wait to treat spots, the harder they'll be to treat later on, and the more damage they can to do the fibres. This can have a negative effect on your carpet's appearance. There are green cleaning solutions for stains, too, if you want to avoid harsh chemicals. Steam cleaning can be a great option for this!


        Remove cleaning solutions thoroughly.

        When you do use cleaning agents for spot removal, make sure the solutions are thoroughly removed from the carpet. You can do this with professional extraction equipment. Or, if you need a manual solution, soak the area with plain, cool water and then absorb with clean towels. Manufacturers design the cleaning solutions in stain treating agents to attract dirt. If they aren't completely removed, stains will reappear in the area.


        Have them professionally cleaned.

        Professional cleaning is the best thing you can do for your carpets. Professional equipment will get deep into the carpet fibres and remove more of the debris found there. The right kind of carpet cleaning can also kill bacteria growing in the carpet fibres. A professional will be able to treat stains that didn't respond to your normal methods. These services can restore the look of your carpet and help it last years longer.


        We Can Keep Your Carpets Looking Like New

        Your office deserves to be professionally cleaned. Our London and Hounslow office cleaning teams will integrate key carpet-cleaning tasks into your regular maintenance. We treat stains and vacuum regularly to keep your carpets fresh.

        We even offer steam cleaning for the ultimate deep-down clean. Our steam cleaning services are eco-friendly and use the power of heat and water to clean and disinfect your carpet. That means there are no dangerous chemicals left behind.

        Get a free quote on Green Facilities' office cleaning services now! We're passionate about providing office cleaning services that are eco-friendly and unbeatably clean. Get in touch with our professional office cleaning service teams today.


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