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        How Often Should You Get Your Office Cleaned?

        often get office cleaned

        When considering how often to use Green Facilities Office Cleaning Services London, it is important to think about the amount of time that employees spend in the office. Not only is it a place of work, it is also somewhere to meet clients; first impressions count enormously as this will determine, in the client’s mind, the degree of efficiency and professionalism that your company offers. Let's have a look in this blog post at how often you should get it cleaned, and why.

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        How to determine the frequency of cleaning

        The frequency of office cleaning can depend on the amount of staff and type of business, including the level of waste that it creates, whether this be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The location of your business, be it a multinational or a regional one, and the amount of traffic passing through can also make a huge difference in cleaning routines.

        In general, a workplace that is neat, tidy, rubbish-free, sweet smelling and cleaned on a daily basis is the best way to keep employees happy and healthy and clients confident that they are using the right company.


        How A Lack of Cleanliness Can Create Health and Safety Issues

        This is a matter of extreme concern in the workplace and should be taken very seriously. Toilets and communal kitchens need to be cleaned daily with environmentally friendly anti-bacterial products; cleanliness and good hygiene in these areas helps to maintain employee morale, health, both physical and mental, and contentment. Daily cleaning throughout will ensure that hazards are removed before the work day begins, such as clutter, waste paper and spills, whilst also ensuring that entrances, hallways and floors are kept slip and trip free. The daily removal of waste, such as emptying bins, will also reduce the risk of fire - this is considered to be a basic essential with regards to accident and fire prevention. You should bear in mind that cleanliness is an ongoing process and must never be hit and miss, which is why large businesses choose to use a professional, environmentally friendly service, such as Green Facilities Office Cleaning Services London, to ensure their conformity to essential regulations.


        Why Is Regular Cleaning By a Green Company Best?

        There is no need, these days, to use cleaning items that could not only affect employees’ health, but also the environment. Using a company which specialises in green products will show that your business is a conscientious one which cares about its staff and customers alike, effectively helping to increase both productivity and sales. It will decrease the chance of accidents and ill health, greatly reducing absenteeism, thereby supporting the fact that using a professional cleaning company will not only save money but can also increase turnover. Recognising when your business premises are in need of a deep clean is vital as, whilst everyday cleaning will maintain the right ambience, it is the deep clean that will prevent the transference of germs and bacteria that can cause disease; Green Facilities can advise you on specific timetables, depending on the type and size of business.

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