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        Multiwash™ PRO’s ease of use drives Green FM's relationship with Truvox International


        Established in 2010, Green Facilities Management is an eco-friendly commercial cleaning company providing reliable and innovative cleaning services to a range of businesses such as: offices and co-working spaces; retailers and restaurants; schools and education hubs; and museums and leisure centres.  

        One year ago, it began using the new Multiwash™ PRO scrubber-dryer from Truvox International.  

        We spoke to Green FM CEO, Manu Sareen, to discover why the company had chosen Multiwash™ PRO, and more about its relationship with Truvox.  

        “I first came across Truvox International and its original Multiwash™ machine about six years ago when we took over a retail cleaning contract and bought half a dozen machines,” says Manu Sareen. “They were reliable and delivered great results, but our current relationship with Truvox developed last year when we re-discovered the company and its newly released Multiwash™ PRO, which is considerably better and more efficient than other machines we were using.    


        Ease of use and sustainability  

        “Our mission is to provide and maintain a hygienic environment for staff and visitors at every location, boosting morale and productivity. One of the most important reasons to work with Truvox is to make life easier for our operatives, but we also know that we are working with a business where sustainability matters.  

        “The Multiwash™ PRO is so easy to use, works on all surfaces, and requires minimal training. It’s not as bulky as other scrubber-driers but at the same time it is robust and durable, and is easy to move from one place to another. The machine washes, scrubs and dries in a single pass, giving improved and unrivalled cleaning results – and leaves floors ready for staff and customers to walk on.  

        “The Multiwash™ PRO is effective when used with only water and no chemicals. However, the water in London is very hard and can leave mineral deposits on the floor, so we use a pH neutral detergent to cater for this problem.  

        “Another positive contribution to sustainability is the machine’s reliability. It needs less maintenance and engineer visits than other machines, so that helps reduce its carbon footprint.   “Green FM is proud to be an ethical and sustainable business, and Multiwash™ PRO and Truvox International are a great fit for us and our clients.    


        ‘We dirty our hands every day, so we know how to clean  

        “Since the pandemic, our clients and their customers expect to see us cleaning. Before, we were often expected to clean out-of-hours and behind-the-scenes, as if we weren’t even there! Now we can carry out cleaning in plain sight, and so the fact that Multiwash™ PRO also looks good and highly professional is another benefit.  

        “As part of our business, we offer a consultancy service for companies and FMs which have their own in-house cleaning facilities, and we are quick to recommend the use of Truvox machines,” says Manu Sareen.  

        “Green FM has been active in the cleaning industry for many years, so we know from experience which machines deliver the best results. We like technology and work with  tech-savvy suppliers, and will only recommend, the best. We only want to use the most innovative equipment, and I often say: ‘We dirty our hands every day, so we know how to clean’.”

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