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        How to Live 8 Hours a Day, 40 Hours a Week?

        How to Live 8 Hours a Day 40 Hours a Week

        I have been looking for a book that I can use as reference and recommend to some of my work colleagues on How can we make the best use of our time? How can we make best use of our lives?

        By this I mean practical advice on how one might live as opposed to just existing within the confines of 24 hours a day.

        I was lucky to click on a blog by Shane Parrish that talks about a book by Arnold Bennett ‘’How to live on 24 Hours a day’’. Surprisingly, it was published in 1910 when there were no mindless diversions like Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp or Sky TV for example.

        ‘’The supply of time is truly a daily miracle. You wake up in the morning and lo! your purse is magically filled with 24 hours of the unmanufactured tissue of the universe of your life! It is yours.’’

        The above quote made me open my Amazon account to order few copies of this book. What’s more... it's free on Kindle and I am sure, some of you will find it very useful.

        Remember Bennett says "We shall never have more time. We have and have always had all the time there is’’. Happy Reading if you are planning to read!

        BTW- Green FM can help you free your valuable time as it has done for many Office Managers and Facilities Managers to concentrate on more important aspects of running their day to day operations while requiring minimal involvement in daily cleaning, recycling and managing soft FM services. You can get in touch with me on manu@greenfacilities.co.uk or call me directly on 0766886124.

        Credit: https://www.farnamstreetblog.com/2017/05/arnold-bennett-living-meaningful-life/

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