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        How To Efficiently Clean Your Gym Facility & Equipment

        People visit the gym with the goal of boosting their health in a space that's both clean and invigorating.

        But if a gym facility isn’t regularly and effectively cleaned, it can potentially lead to a negative impact on the health and wellness of guests.


        With the continuous hustle and bustle of the gym environment, maintaining clean and hygienic conditions can be a challenge for many businesses. It often requires a specialised approach to manage the ongoing cleanliness of machines and shared spaces.

        In this article, we’ll look at the different aspects of cleaning gym equipment and exercise spaces and explain how you can achieve great results with a combination of internal staff, professional gym cleaning services, and client-oriented initiatives. 


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        What is gym cleaning?

        Gym cleaning is a vital part of keeping your gym or health club safe and welcoming. It’s what makes the place enjoyable and safe for members to work out in. 

        A truly clean gym isn’t just about the main workout areas and equipment being spotless and germ-free. It also includes keeping on top of the changing rooms, waiting areas, and other supplementary facilities.

        The key steps in effective gym cleaning involve several important tasks. 

        • Equipment: sanitising equipment is crucial for killing germs and keeping your members healthy. 
        • Waste: waste should be removed regularly to maintain a clean and uncluttered environment.
        • Safety:  it's also important to address any spillages or wet surfaces promptly to prevent slips and falls.

        Each of these steps plays a role in creating a gym space that members love coming back to.


        Why is it important to have a clean gym and sanitised equipment?

        Keeping a clean gym and sanitising equipment has a variety of benefits: 

        • Reduce the risk of germs spreading

        A clean gym reduces the chances of people spreading germs to each other. Gym users make a lot of contact with different surfaces and equipment, which makes it all too easy for germs to spread. Taking the steps to reduce the spread can improve the health of your guests. 

        • Improve guest experience and encourage repeat visits

        When a gym is kept clean, and its equipment frequently sanitised, people are eager to visit regularly. It's easier to associate a clean gym with good health, which is often part of what many gym users pursue. 

        • Reduce the risk of accidents and injuries

        Regular gym cleaning can also reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. This is partly because any spills or wet spots on any surface are quickly dried, and users are also less likely to slip in a clean gym or lose grip on any gear they handle. 

        Additionally, the absence of sweat patches on benches or smudges on mirrors helps users focus easily. A clean gym allows them to comfortably get into different positions for their workouts and stay motivated since no stains are distracting them and causing blunders.

        • Extend the life of gym equipment

        Inadequate cleaning usually speeds up the build-up of dirt on certain gym elements like rubber floors, punching bag covers, or other delicate items, making them age faster. 

        By cleaning these items regularly, you slow down wear and save on repairs and replacements over time. 

        • Improve brand reputation

        Gym cleanliness bodes well for a gym’s brand and enhances marketing efforts. 

        We live in a digital era of social media, where many people upload pictures and videos of their workouts. It's important that your facilities present the image of a clean gym for any social media uploads. 


        How often should a gym facility and equipment be cleaned?

        There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to gym cleaning. A lot depends on your clientele, footfall, peak times, the popularity of different equipment, and how delicate some of your exercise surfaces are. 

        When putting together the requirements for your gym cleaning services, it’s important to take the following points into account. 


        Adapt schedules based on peak usage

        It's important to tailor your cleaning schedules based on how busy the gym is at different times of the day. 

        For example, if your gym sees a surge of activity in the evenings, this period might need more frequent cleaning compared to quieter morning hours. It’s all about adapting to when and how your gym is used.


        Flexibility based on variations in visitor cleanliness

        Unlike an office usually occupied by the same people, a gym can receive different visitors with varying standards and mindfulness regarding hygiene. 

        This is why it’s important for gym owners to be proactive and adaptable with cleaning schedules. By anticipating and adapting to variations in visitor cleanliness, your gym can maintain an inviting and safe space that meets the expectations of every member.


        Encourage a ‘clean as you go’ mentality among visitors

        Gym equipment is frequently used by many people, and it's common for popular machines to collect sweat after each use.

        It's important to educate guests that there's an expectation to wipe down equipment immediately after they use it. This not only helps create a pleasant environment in the gym but also helps keep things germ-free.

        Your gym can quickly become a mess when some gym visitors don’t properly dispose of waste, like packaging materials of pre-workout supplements, wipes, used bandages, plasters, and sweatbands. 

        To help keep a clean gym, visitors should be encouraged to dispose of such items considerately, and gym cleaning staff should remain vigilant and empty waste bins regularly. 


        Tailor cleaning schedules based on the popularity of equipment

        The frequency of cleaning your gym should also be aligned with the usage and importance of each area.

        For instance, the walkways between rows of equipment might only need to be cleaned a couple of times a day, but bathroom floors, sinks, and vanity tops might need more regular inspections and cleaning.

        It's important to ensure that spaces used for personal hygiene, like showers, are consistently kept in top condition. This helps to not only maintain a hygienic environment but also helps deliver confidence and peace of mind for your guests. 


        Get professional support for delicate equipment

        It's also important to review the specific cleaning needs of certain surfaces in your gym, such as rubber floors in stretching and callisthenics zones. 


        The cleaning of these areas can often benefit from the expertise of professional cleaning teams who know the right products and techniques to use. Incorrect cleaning can not only fail to remove all the dirt but also reduce the lifespan of these surfaces.


        You can also take steps to prevent the transfer of dirt and grime to delicate equipment by taking preventative steps such as including shoe mats next to rubber flooring.


        Cleaning tips for gym facilities and equipment

        Because of the complex nature of keeping gyms clean and tidy, you need a more holistic approach to gym cleaning and equipment sanitisation. You can achieve this in three major ways:

        • Empowering staff 

        A common hurdle in gym cleaning is motivating gym staff to keep on top of cleaning.

        One of the common barriers is the lack of convenience in accessing cleaning supplies. If tools and cleaning products are stored in a distant location, it doesn't encourage frequent use. 

        To help overcome this, you might consider strategically placing disinfectant sprays and cloths near frequently used equipment, such as dumbbell racks. This not only makes it easier for cleaning staff, but also encourages everyone to participate in maintaining a clean gym. 

        Additionally, it's important to be careful about your choice of cleaning products. Products that include harsh chemicals may cause skin and eye irritation or respiratory discomfort for the staff and discourage their regular use. 

        Transitioning to green cleaning products is not only better for the environment but also tends to be gentler, making the cleaning process safer and more comfortable for staff. 


        • Encourage customers

        The behaviour of customers also plays an important role in keeping the gym clean, and it's important to guide them towards habits that support the cleanliness efforts of the staff.

        This guidance can be effectively communicated through clear signage to encourage visitors to place weights and equipment responsibly at designated spots after use and wipe down exercise equipment after they have finished.

        Similarly, reminders to use provided waste and recycling bins for disposal of plastic bottles, paper towels, and other waste can significantly aid in maintaining a tidy and hygienic gym environment.


        • Invest in professional cleaning solutions

        The complexity of gym equipment, along with the delicate nature of some furnishings, can present a unique challenge in gym cleaning. Some machines have intricate designs that make thorough cleaning difficult, particularly in hard-to-reach areas.

        To address this, you might consider looking for professional gym cleaning services.


        Professional cleaners are skilled in advanced cleaning techniques to ensure a deep and comprehensive clean that goes beyond the surface level. 

        They also have access to technology like UV black light equipment to detect stains that are otherwise invisible. Professional gym cleaning services also have the right selection of products to tackle delicate tasks effectively, such as cleaning rubber gym mats.


        Why eco-friendly cleaning is a great option for gym facilities

        Eco-friendly cleaning products are particularly well-suited to help you clean your gym.

        In gyms, clients are constantly in contact with various surfaces and equipment. Traditional cleaning products often contain harsh chemicals that can linger, potentially transferring to clients' skin, clothes, or even eyes. This can lead to irritation or allergic reactions, negatively impacting their gym experience. 

        Eco-friendly cleaning products are gentler and less likely to cause irritation, ensuring a more pleasant and safe workout environment for your visitors. 

        Additionally, the natural ingredients in eco-friendly cleaning products contribute to better air quality within the gym. This can help create a refreshing and clean atmosphere that enhances the workout experience.

        The gentle nature of green cleaning products also means they are less likely to damage delicate gym equipment such as bench covers and rubber mats. This can lead to long-term cost savings by reducing the need for frequent replacements due to wear from harsh chemicals.

        By using eco-friendly products to clean your gym, your business can also appeal to a growing number of clients who prioritise environmental responsibility. Find out more in our comprehensive sustainability guide

        Green Facilities is here to help

        Gym cleaning is a complex process that requires significant expertise and the right equipment to deliver it well. 

        Cleaning gym equipment often requires extra precision, which is why it helps to hire external cleaning experts. This is where Green Facilities excels. 

        Green Facilities is an ethical and eco-friendly cleaning company that provides comprehensive gym cleaning services

        Whether you run a small gym facility or a large health club, Green Facilities can offer a tailored cleaning routine that elevates your gym’s cleanliness and safety for clients. 

        We’re experts in how to clean gym equipment after use and can operate under different arrangements, like complementing in-house cleaning staff, handling all cleaning duties, or doing occasional deeper cleaning to maintain a clean gym. 

        Visit the Green Facilities website for a free tailored quote for your gym cleaning needs.



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