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        Best Cleaning Techniques for Gym Equipment

        best cleaning techniques gym equipment

        Are you looking for effective, safe and healthy cleaning solutions for your gym equipment? Are you concerned about the health of your clients with lots of unseen germs on the equipment? Market is flooded with cleaning products such as disinfectants, sanitizers, germ-killers, and more. But none of them assures complete gym equipment cleaning. All these solutions are anti-microbial, but applying them is not enough. You need to use a more effective method for cleaning.

        Before choosing the best cleaning process for fitness equipment, try to find out how often you will clean the gym equipment, what method to apply to clean gym equipment, the type of solutions used, and how long the solutions stay in contact with the gym equipment. Let’s have a look at the below mentioned guidelines:

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        How often to clean the gym equipment
        In regards to how often to clean gym equipment, keep in mind that the more often something is cleaned, the less dirty it is likely to get between cleanings. The more frequently gym equipment is cleaned; the fewer microbes and germs are present. With fewer microbes, a milder antimicrobial solution may be used. You can involve members also in cleaning process. This way members gain control and satisfaction in knowing firsthand that the equipment they use is clean.

        Using the right Cleaning Method.
        Although you can spray disinfectant solutions directly on equipment surfaces; the use of disposable pre-saturated wipes offers more advantages over sprayed chemicals. Physically removing microbes by wiping is also an effective method. Cleaning equipment surfaces with a pre-saturated wipe can work wonders in reducing the remaining microbes.

        Choosing the Right Disinfectant
        Disinfectants can be grouped into three categories: low, intermediate, and high-level. Low-level disinfectants kill vegetative bacteria, fungi, and lipid viruses including HIV and hepatitis-B. Intermediate-level disinfectants can inactivate mycobacterium tuberculosis, and both lipid and non lipid viruses, but not bacterial spores. High-level disinfectants destroy all microorganisms with the exception of high numbers of bacterial spores.

        An effective and successful gym equipment-cleaning program is possible leading to member satisfaction, cleaner equipment, and greater member retention.

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