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        office cleaning tips

        The benefits of a clean office extend far beyond the sense of well-being given by a well-organised, clutter-free working environment: increased productivity and higher levels of staff engagement will increase your profits as well. A hygienic and tidy office also gives visitors a good first impression of how the business is run.

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        Most office managers find that the best way to keep the office clean and tidy is to hire a professional cleaning contractor on a regular basis. However, in between their visits, there are several ways in which managers can encourage employees to keep the office a healthy and pleasant environment in which to work.

        1. Encourage hand washing

        Around 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted around the office by touch so it is important that all members of staff understand the importance of regular hand washing. If there is room, try to install a touch-free soap dispenser and paper towels or warm air hand dryers in the kitchen and toilet to improve standards of hygiene.

        2. Keep the kitchen tidy

        Anyone who has ever worked in an office will know that the kitchen can sometimes become a problem area with dirty cups, overflowing bins and out of date food cluttering up the fridge. By drawing up a cleaning rota, you will make it clear who is responsible for cleaning certain areas on a given week, thus reducing conflict and stress and creating a pleasant environment for everyone.

        3. Empty waste bins

        Emptying bins every day is especially important when staff use them to discard food; they can quickly become smelly and sticky. When bins are emptied daily as part of the office routine, you will quickly notice an improvement in the office environment.

        4. Declutter desk spaces

        It’s easy to give a desk a quick wipe each evening to keep the work space tidy and dust-free but this is made much harder if the desk is cluttered. Try to build some time into the working day for staff to declutter desks so that they can take pride in keeping their office tidy.

        5. Discourage eating at desks

        It’s often convenient for staff to eat lunch at their desks but you should encourage them to eat elsewhere whenever possible. This will not only keep their desks and keyboards cleaner but will also give them the chance to take a proper break, increasing their productivity on their return. If eating at desks is really necessary, ensure that there is a supply of antibacterial wipes to hand so that employees can clean up any mess when they have finished lunch.


        3 Major Benefits of Hiring Office Cleaning Services

        Whenever we visit any storefront, office or restaurant, it’s quite natural for us to expect it to be clean. Hiring office cleaning services in London will not only ensure the cleanliness of your office but will also have a positive impact on your employees:

        1. A clean workspace is the key to better work productivity as it leads to less distractions and better concentration in your employees. They will be able to focus entirely on the work at their hands rather than being distracted by the clutter surrounding them.
        2. Cleanliness is an important aspect of leading a healthy life. By hiring an office cleaning business, you’ll get a clean office space that will lead to healthier employees and less sick leaves. The worrisome part is the bigger organization you have, the more employees will be working under you and more will be the chances of contagious diseases spreading in your office area.

        There are a good number of office cleaning services in London that provide commercial cleaning at very affordable rates. Finding the right company will indirectly help you to increase the morale of your employees and organization. A clean workspace gives a fresh start to your day and hence enhancing your work productivity.


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