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        Green Facilities CEO Manu Sareen is an ISSA CIMS Expert

        Green Facilities is moving towards perfection. With its CEO - Manu Sareen becoming an ISSA CIMS Expert, Green facilities will expand its vision in the field of quality cleaning services.

        What is IISA CIMS Certification?

        CIMS is more than just a way for cleaning organizations to set themselves and their green cleaning operations apart in the marketplace. Individuals who wish to assist their customers in preparing for CIMS certification can become ISSA Certification Experts (I.C.E.), while facility managers and others responsible for selecting a cleaning service provider can gain an increased level of confidence in their contractor by using CIMS and CIMS-Green Building (CIMS-GB) as a powerful pre-qualification tool. CIMS and CIMS-GB certification demonstrates an organization is prepared to deliver quality, customer-focused services and ensures an organization is capable of delivering a comprehensive green cleaning program based on LEED: EB O&M green-cleaning criteria.  CIMS applies to an organization in its entirety, rather than to a specific individual, process or product, and without respect to the size of the organization.

        Training to become an ISSA Certification Expert positions an individual as an indispensable resource during tough times. Ultimately, becoming an I.C.E.-certified professional arms you with information about the critical factors that you can use to help your customers or your own organization meet demands from the highest management levels.

        Which company can be called IISA CIMS certified?

        CIMS applies to management, operations, performance systems, and processes. Compliance with the Standard demonstrates an organization is structured to deliver consistent, quality services that are designed to meet the customer's needs and expectations. It sets forth processes, procedures, and supporting documentation proven to be characteristic of customer-driven organizations. CIMS is non-prescriptive and each individual organization has the flexibility to choose the most effective ways in which to meet its requirements.

        Green Facilities Management Ltd., CEO -Manu Sareen becoming an IISA CIMS Expert

        After attending an official Industry Certification Expert Training Workshop and successfully passing an examination to reach to this level, Green FM CEO - Manu Sareen has become an IISA CIMS Expert.  With this achievement he hopes and promises to promote Green FM as a professional cleaning organization run by ISSA CIMS expert. The certification will help Green FM manage and operate cleaning services to their best. This certification will equip it to deliver consistent, quality services that are designed to meet the customer’s needs and expectations.
        With this certification, Green FM , CEO - Manu Sareen envisages to implement a more effective management framework and efficient green cleaning program to improve operational efficiency and better serve its customers.

        Contact Green Facilities at 0800 044 5795 for all your cleaning services. Mail us at info@greenfacilities.co.uk

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