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        Eco-Friendly Office Cleaning: 7 Reasons Why Going Green Is Best

        Eco-Friendly Office Cleaning: 7 Reasons Why Going Green Is Best

        Concerns about global warming and environmental health risks have given rise to a new era of sustainability. The World Health Organisation affirms that approximately 12.6 million individuals die annually from environmental health risks. Consumers across the globe are increasingly motivated to be environmentally conscious. They are changing their shopping habits and choosing companies that care about environmental issues. According to the Global Consumer Confidence Survey, 83% of respondents contend that companies should design programs intended to improve the environment.

        In line with these statistics, companies are engaging in corporate social responsibility (CSR) to meet the sustainability expectations of consumers. They are engaging in activities geared towards conserving the environment, including using environment-friendly materials, green purchasing, issuing environmental declarations, and promoting resource and energy conservation. Companies should also show their concern for the environment through their cleaning practices. They should practice eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning practices in the office.

        Sustainable cleaning refers to the use of green chemicals, equipment, and process when cleaning an office. Forward-looking companies in different sectors ranging from healthcare to education and government are acknowledging the importance of eco-friendly cleaning. Companies like Trident Build and Shopfitters London on completion of a project are increasingly using eco cleaning companies to do their bit.  They expect their cleaning contractor to use green chemicals when cleaning their facilities. Many innovative firms want more than just mere cleaning from a cleaning contractor; they want packages that include green equipment, processes, and recycling programs.

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        Benefits of Green/ Eco-friendly Cleaning

        Many people ask what the difference between green cleaning and standard cleaning is. Does green cleaning cost less or more? While some people may see no difference in the two ways of cleaning, green cleaning is more beneficial. Here are some of the benefits of green cleaning.

        Cost savings

        As opposed to the past when green cleaning products and equipment cost more than standard products and equipment, today things are different. Currently, green products and equipment don't cost more than conventional products. Some organic products are less expensive than standard cleaning products.

        You get cost savings from cleaning efficiency and reduced chemical usage. By implementing high-efficiency green cleaning programs, you reduce the cleaning costs. Green chemicals offer thorough cleaning and hence no need to schedule frequent cleaning. Cleaning in an eco-friendly manner lessens cases of chemical spills and fires and sick days for workers.

        Trash recycling comes with labour and cost savings. When more paper goes to the recycle bin rather than the trash can, there are substantial cost savings. In many cases, you are paid for the recycled materials instead of paying to dispose of the trash. A big firm can gather a cost saving of around $50,000 annually.

        Increase productivity

        Employees are more productive with a healthy working environment.

        Improve indoor air quality

        Conventional cleaning products contribute to higher levels of pollution indoors than outdoors. However, green products have natural essential oils that promote good air quality.

        Environmentally friendly

        Green cleaning is environmentally friendly because it protects the ecology of the earth. It does not emit harmful by-products into the atmosphere and waterways.

        Floor and furniture conservation

        The use of harsh and toxic cleaners increases the deterioration of your office's floor and furniture. Using organic products protects your company's property.

        • Use of safe products and processes benefit your company -employees- and the contractor. Green cleaning products are low allergenic, non-toxic, and biodegradable. Various government reports and non-profit studies reveal that chemicals found in cleaning products cause health issues such as cancer, lung problems, and reproductive disorders.
        • Cleaning contractors attain a competitive edge and marketing advantage for using green cleaning products.

        Tips to Achieve a Clean and Green Office

        Green cleaning has numerous benefits for employees, office property, and cleaning contractors. If you are longing for a clean and green office, here are five tips.


        1. Ditch cleaners for clever DIY tricks

        Don't rush for cleaners every time you want to do a little cleaning or remove stubborn stains. Instead, use standard household items like lemon, olive oil, vinegar, and baking soda to clean surfaces and remove stains. Additionally, say no to carpet cleaners and stain-resistant treatments because they increase the chemical load in your office.

        2. Examine cleaning product labels

        It is best practice to inspect the labels of your cleaning products before use. Although only a few cleaning products -around 7%-reveal their ingredients, most of them indicate the list of dangerous chemicals on the label. Avoid products with hazardous chemicals such as formaldehyde, phthalates, and surfactants.

        Research shows that 53% of cleaning products contain harmful ingredients that have adverse effects on human health. For instance, some cleaning products cause lung damage, while others cause asthma. Also, avoid fabric protection sprays and air fresheners because they contain harmful chemicals that cause endocrine system issues.

        3. Choose LEED-Certified Cleaners

        Don't just settle for the cleaning contractor with the lowest price to maintain your building. Ensure you choose a cleaner who is LEED-certified like Green Facilities. LEED-certified cleaners adhere to the best practices of green cleaning that conserve the environment while keeping employees healthy.

        4. Develop a corporate cleaning policy

        It is best practice to develop a corporate cleaning policy for your organisation. Start by educating your employees on the detrimental effects of standard cleaning products. Go a step further to forbid the use of chemical cleaners and instead advocate for green products. This way, you get buy-in from all employees, and they adhere to the cleaning policy.

        5. Hire an Eco-friendly office cleaning service

        When choosing an office cleaning service, go for a cleaning company like Green Facilities that values health and uses safe and environmentally-sound products. The firm should be knowledgeable about green cleaning techniques. Also, it should be trustworthy, available, and customer-centric to understand and meet your needs.

        Green cleaning is a win-win situation for all stakeholders involved. Building owners and contractors save costs, employees get a healthier environment to work in, and together, the environment is conserved. The exact amount of costs saved from green cleaning is not available. However, the cost savings are evident in trash recycling, improving employee productivity, cleaning efficiently, and extension of furniture and other office equipment lifespan.

        It's time to ditch the harsh and toxic cleaning products and equipment for eco-friendly cleaners and processes. Contact the experts at Green Facilities Management for a comprehensive range of sustainable commercial cleaning services in London.

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