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        Green Facilities is committed to providing essential cleaning tips and advice. Learn more about the latest trends in the cleaning industry.

        Seasonal Deep Cleaning Tips from Cleaning Experts

        Cleaning Tips

        Good quality professional commercial cleaning services are always in demand, providing daily cleaning duties – waste disposal, vacuuming, carpet shampooing, floor treatments, sweeping – and they will also provide additional periodic and ad hoc services if required.  Currently, in the UK, approximately 55 per cent of cleaning services are outsourced. Here at GreenFM, we pride oursleves on providing you with one of the UK's leading external cleaning contractors.

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        It's always a good idea to assess, review and periodically build into your cleaning program improvements or seasonal cleaning tasks. Here are just a few.

        1. Spring Clean Deep Clean Flooring: Most high traffic floors take a serious beating during the winter months — leaving they dull, dingy or stained come Spring. Invest your time in some deep cleaning services, which can revitalise tile and carpest. A seasonal deep clean can make your floors look brand new. It can greatly increase their lifespan over time.

        2.  If your Air Conditioning  units have been inactive for several months, they need a thorough deep clean. This will not only improve your unit’s energy efficiency, it will improve the indoor air quality of your facility. AC units that don’t undergo spring maintenance can lead to unpleasant odours, allergens and other symptoms of “sick building syndrome.”

        3. Hopefully you already have a thorough daily cleaning routine in place for your wash room cleaning and maintenance. Having said that, periodic deep cleans are the best way to eliminate lingering bacteria and dirt.. A quality deep clean should remove built-up dirt and grime, sanitise all restroom surfaces and polish fixtures.

        4.  Winter Bugs:  Coughs, colds, flu and the annual bouts of winter vomiting bugs all contribute to the £28 billion a year it costs UK employers to have workers off work. During winter bugs and bacteria are prevalent on surfaces throughout the office.  Clean desks, keyboards, phones and door handles as standard.  Remember about sharing phones, tablets and other small electronics is a quick way for illness to spread. Wiping phones and keyboards daily with an antibacterial spray will limit this bacteria especially if a colleague has been taken ill with an infection.  Hand hygiene is one of the simplest but most effective ways to prevent the spread of germs. Make sure you provide access to anti-bacterial soap in the bathrooms and clean towels, paper towels or even a hand dryer. Readily supplying employees with hand sanitiser and making it available for guests (at reception and in meeting rooms) will vastly limit germs coming into, and spreading through your workplace.  Regulating temperature sounds obvious but it is another good way of combating the spread of infection. Avoid stuffy offices and if you do not have a heating regulator then simply open the window for a short period a few times a day.

        5. Shops and Retail: Fallen leaves and debris can blow into your shop front, which is something you really don’t want or need. Ensuring that the entrance is closed, you eliminate any leaves or other build ups from entering your building. It also may be beneficial to leave floor mats at the entrance of your building.

        6. Don't leave the Gutters clogged up:  Buildings that have a flat rooftop (or those that have a gutter system) will often collect leaves and other debris. When there’s a water build up in drainage systems, it often increases the risk of water damage and flooding to your building, which can be an incredibly costly process. Did you know that this is easily preventable through the clearing of your gutters? Any debris blocking this can be taken straight out through simply cleaning your gutters, therefore removing any danger of drain blockages!

        7.  Bin Cleaning: Interior and Exterior Bins are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria...  Don't leave rotting food  in bins and ensure to clean exterior bin and surrounding areas to prevent nasty germs.

        Green Facilities have an excellent track record cleaning for  a number of industries.  Enquire about our contract cleaning services for further information and costs

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