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4 Tips for Starting a Recycling Program in your Office

tips starting recycling program office

Nowadays we are all much more aware on the importance of recycling. A study published in the London Evening Standard at the end of 2016 showed that in many London boroughs over 50% of households and businesses take the time to recycle their waste properly. This was particularly the case in Bexley and Bromley, which have been dubbed the most recycling friendly boroughs in the capital (Kingston on Thames came a close third). However, there are still plenty of areas, such as Lewisham, that are still far behind in their recycling efforts, with just 19% of households and businesses bothering to recycle.

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Here are some tips to start recycling more inside your office and do more for the planet and your city.

1. Arrange for your recycling collection

One reason why many Londoners do not always recycle properly is the fact that recycling and arranging for the collection of your recycling takes time and effort. What you might not know is that there are some cleaning contractors who can also take care of your recycling. This has the advantage of not having to manage two contractors for your cleaning and recycling, and you can do your bit for the environment without the hassle.

2. Get your information straight

Recycling can be difficult to get your head around sometimes. Questions that confuse Londoners include the issue of whether plastic bottle caps can be recycled alongside the bottles themselves. And what about those cardboard coffee cups - are they recyclable alongside other cardboards? Ask your cleaning and recycling contractors for tips on this, and then print out some clear guidelines for everyone in the office to follow if they ever have a doubt.

3. Put the recycling bins in the right places

If your office is big, then having more than one recycling station would be a good idea, or, if possible, give a small recycling bin to every employee, so people have no excuse for not doing it. Also, be strategic about your placement of recycling bins. They should be in all places where the most trash is generated, like near printers and in the kitchen area/cafeteria. They also need to display clear signage indicating they are for recyclable materials only.

4. Encourage participation

The information should come from the top down, so the MD of the business should send around a notice explaining the new recycling program to everyone in the office. Make sure every worker in the office is aware of the program and its goals. You can also keep tracking the progress and share it with everyone, letting everyone know what they've helped to accomplish so far.

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