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Toxic Cleaning Products: Why Green is the Way Forward

A major concern for many of us is the effect that cleaning products have on the environment.  The chemicals found in these cleaning products have not been tested for safety, though the effects of...

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Video: Discover the Value of Cleaning

Cleaning is an investment in health, the environment, and an improved efficiency. Discover more about the Value of Clean in this new animated infographic from ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry...

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Eco friendly Cleaning 4 Common Misconceptions

With new natural cleaning advancements products entering the market, it’s time to debunk some of the misconceptions that surround them. Eco friendly cleaning your office can also lead to a reduction...

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We Love Recycling (And You Should, Too)

Studies show that each person generates about 1 kg of garbage daily and this number is expected to increase over the course of time. What’s most alarming is that this waste not only pollutes the...

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Green Facilities Launch New Website

Green Facilities Management launch their new website with a fresh  look and a focus on 'green' cleaning.

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