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        Office-Cleaning Expert Tip: Having Plants in the Office Boost Productivity

        Science tells us that plants aren't just pretty, they're medicinal; and, they can help you combat sickness and reduce stress in the workplace. While they're keeping you well, the plants in your office also elevate your mood and help you to think more clearly.


        Some plants cleanse the air. Some reduce anxiety and stress. Some even help with cognitive issues such as your memory. Here's a brief primer marked out by category.



        The No. 1 Medicinal Plants Worldwide


        Aloe Vera


        Better known as the burn plant, aloe vera is an ancient medicinal succulent that is not only easy to grow and care for, it will salve your hand if you burn it with your morning coffee.


        Lemon Balm


        Studies show that lemon balm not only helps with your cognitive functions like working memory, it makes you more alert and helps you de-stress. It even has medicinal properties which help to heal cold sores, indigestion, nausea, menstrual cramping and headaches. Lemon balm comes a close second to aloe as the number one medicinal plant.


        The Natural Air Cleaner Plants


        There are quite a few plants that you should be placing in your office to absorb odour and chemicals. Some of those chemicals you probably didn't even realise existed in an office setting. Cleansing plants are a must if your office is small with more co-workers than space.


        English Ivy


        There are many kinds of ivies, but English Ivy will clean faecal matter and formaldehyde from stale office air through its roots and leaves. It is an evergreen, climbing plant that clings well to outdoor brick facades due to tiny little hairs on the stems and leaves. Indoors, it needs plenty of space to grow and should be cultivated regularly for maximum beauty and air cleansing.


        The Peace Lily


        Peace lilies are larger plants that easily fill office corners and, like English Ivy, cleanse the air through its roots and leaves. To get its tall, white flowers blooming, keep it where sunlight can hit it. You're not likely to have small children or pets playing with the peace lily in your office, but if you do, keep in mind that it is poisonous if ingested by either kids or pets.


        Boston Fern


        Boston ferns are natural humidifiers. If your office is stuffy and dry, some strategically placed Boston ferns will give your breathing and itchy skin a break since it will add moisture to the air.


        Spider Plants


        You usually love these or you don't. Spider plants are hanging basket plants with offshoots that look like little spiders. They definitely add interest, plus they absorb carbon dioxide, formaldehyde and xylene from your air.


        De-Stress and Boost Productivity With These Plants


        Some plants are not only visually appealing but have therapeutic properties to enhance your well-being at work.




        Lavender's well-known for its calming aromatherapy effects which is why it is used as an essential oil. Used as a plant, the scent of its flowers provide the same calming effect as the oil and the purple flowers are not only pretty, but help reduce pain and promote healing.


        Snake Plant


        If you put a few of these tall plants next to each other, you will have a natural partition if you share a space with your co-worker which can help you de-stress and concentrate on your tasks for the day.




        Philodendrons boost productivity by adding an aesthetic touch to your office. Sometimes you just need a visual boost that screams greenery. There are 489 different species of philodendrons to choose from and given space, they will grow huge. An added bonus is that they also act as a bio-filter to clean toxic air out of your office.


        More Productivity Tips


        Plants can make you more productive, and they're pretty to look at which is an automatic mood enhancer. Here are some more tips from the purely aesthetic to the working styles that will give your entire office a productivity boost.


        Keep your office clean and tidy. Nothing gives in to the "blah" mindset like walking into a messy office every day. Tidying your desks before you leave will help you walk into the day feeling fresh. Remove the clutter. Embracing the minimalist approach is the trend right now. Cleaning your office at least weekly also makes break rooms and bathrooms places of renewal, not places that can't pass the sniff test for cleanliness.


        If your office resides higher in the building where you cannot clean the outside windows, at least clean the windows inside your office. Window space is usually at a premium in most offices, so you want to make the most of what you have. Let the sunshine in, which boosts productivity as it boosts your mood. Smudgy or dirty windows can be disheartening, dark and dreary.


        Even with a minimalist approach being all the rage, don't be afraid to decorate your office. Be creative, yet reflect your office vocation and professionalism. If your office is full of young creatives writing video game code, your office environment should have comfortable, yet ergonomic chairs that facilitate long hours at the computer. Allowing photos of loved ones and pets or a favourite saying pinned up can help you focus on the reasons you work long days and help you to be more productive.


        Enlist Your Cleaning Professionals


        Sometimes offices are so busy that they can't find time to enhance their efficiency and productivity. Enlisting trusted cleaning pros on a daily or weekly basis takes some of the burden off you and your co-workers. From daily surface cleaning to emptying rubbish bins to vacuuming the carpet, your cleaning professionals take the remnants of your busy day away and make your work environment fresh and clean for when you arrive in the morning.


        Deeper cleaning during the week or stretched out over the month keep your office space fresh. We can even water your plants for you. Keep the cleaning professionals in mind and contact us to remove those cleaning tasks from your everyday stresses so you can concentrate on being your productive self.


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