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        Getting Office Cleaning Service Providers for the Holiday

        The holidays are just around the corner. It's time to celebrate and enjoy the spirit of the season. It's also time for office parties, celebrations, pot lucks, gift exchanges, and a big mess. That's right, wrapping paper and empty eggnog cups are about to become the norm for your office space. But don't worry, we've got you covered. Let your office staff enjoy the festivities, and we'll take care of the clean-up.

        Getting Office Cleaning Service Providers


        Advantages of hiring a reliable commercial cleaning service

        The holidays are a time of cheer and goodwill to men. But let's face it, you have a business to run. As much as you want your workers to enjoy this wonderful time of year, you also need to focus on your year-end goals. Having a messy conference room leaves a bad impression on clients, and lowers the morale of office staff. Hiring a reliable commercial cleaning service ensures a bright, clean atmosphere every morning, regardless of the shenanigans the day before.

        At Green Facilities, we take pride in providing an efficient and thorough cleaning of your office. We understand the importance of presenting a professional appearance and providing your employees with a pleasant work environment. Dependent upon your needs, we can handle a deep cleaning service or regular maintenance cleaning. Our flexible schedules allow for minimum disruption to your workplace.

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        Challenges of winter weather

        Along with the holidays comes the winter weather. Fallen leaves, ice, slush, and snow make for dangerous conditions in office building entrances. It's imperative to have a commercial cleaning service that understands these possible dangers and provides adequate protection to everyone that enters your building.

        That means keeping floors dry, rugs vacuumed, and all debris removed from doorways. Vacuuming throughout the building will keep debris down to a minimum throughout the day. Putting down extra mats will help minimize the amount of water, dirt, sand, and salt that is tracked through the office areas. Having a commercial cleaning service that keeps entry mats vacuumed and maintained will significantly reduce the risk of slip and fall in your building.


        Keeping conference areas clean

        Conference rooms usually end up being the gathering area for most office parties. Paperwork and files on the conference table get replaced with trays of tasty treats. Food and beverages will inevitably get spilled. Knowing you have a commercial cleaning crew ready to tackle the problem will give you peace of mind. To prevent staining and permanent damage, our trained crew will address spills immediately. Don't hire a company that only does a surface cleaning. You want problems addressed, not swept under the rug. The Greenwise Facilities staff takes pride in their work. The job isn't done until everything is in tip-top shape.


        Holiday Recommendations

        It's a good idea during the holiday season to ask employees to help out around the office. Keeping things tidy in between cleaning visits will make all the difference. Here are a few tips to keep the office mess to a minimum:


        Have a Designated Eating Area

        Keep all holiday food and beverages to a designated area. Assign an space in the office where food should be served and stored. Sugary treats leave behind an unavoidable trail of crumbs and stickiness. Having one general area will allow a commercial cleaning crew to focus deep cleaning attention to that specific zone.


        Don't Forget About the Fridge

        The hardest space for a commercial cleaning crew to take care of is the office refrigerator. It's hard to know what is still edible and what belongs in the town dump, although the smell gives us a good idea. Ask employees to go through items in the refrigerator at least once a week. At the holidays, it is common for workers to stuff as much as they can into that tiny space and then forget it's there.

        Get rid of old containers and foil wrapped items as soon as possible. Before everyone leaves for holiday break, have someone throw everything out. Once empty, a cleaning crew can wash the shelves and doors to get the fridge smelling clean and fresh. There is nothing worse than coming back to a foul smelling fridge full of food from holidays past.


        Keep Decorations Simple

        Everybody loves a cheerful atmosphere, but don't allow employees to go overboard with decorations. Choose simple items that don't leave excessive mess or tacky residue. Tinsel, glitter, and fake snow are the worst offenders. Avoid a real tree, and opt for a store bought fake version. No one wants to still be sweeping up pine needles in the spring.


        Desktop Organization

        Ask employees to organize their desktops. Having neatly piled stacks of papers will allow easy access to desktop surfaces for a thorough cleaning. This is especially important when leaving for an extended break. We also suggest advising workers not to eat at their desks to avoid unnecessary crumbs and water ring stains. An organized desk space grants access to a cleaning crew to offer deep cleaning of the desktop.


        End of Year Deep Cleaning

        Wintery weather conditions combined with holiday parties take a toll on the office. Consider having a deep cleaning at year's end to get everything back in shape for the coming year. This will help employees have a fresh new attitude in January.


        Schedule Cleaning When the Office is Closed

        Schedule a deep cleaning with a commercial cleaning service when the office is closed for the holiday break. When employees are home enjoying the time off, a cleaning crew can do a thorough cleaning of carpets, desks, chairs, lighting fixtures, windows, and anywhere else that may need special attention. Employees will enjoy coming back to a pristine office space.

        Give your office the gift of cleaning this year. Greenwise Facilities services London, Greater London, and the adjoining home counties. Consider hiring our commercial cleaning crew to keep your office looking good, not only through the holidays but into the new year. We can provide the service you need at the cost you can afford. Contact us today to discuss a cleaning schedule that meets the demands of your busy office.


        Happy Holidays!

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